Oracle Big Data Products

Big Data Products

Big Data Products for Success


Big Data Management
Simplify Infrastructure Simplify Infrastructure

Big Data Management

Oracle expands the data warehouse for seamless integration of Hadoop and NoSQL. Oracle Engineered Systems ship preintegrated to reduce complexity of IT infrastructures, accelerate deployment and increase performance. Plug into the cloud and power the real-time enterprise.

Data Integration
Harness Fast Data Harness Fast Data

Big Data Integration

Become agile by capturing and processing high-velocity, high-volume streaming and batch on any platform for data warehousing, service-oriented architecture, and business intelligence. Master and deliver data quality for customer and product domains.

Big Data Analytics
Discover and Predict Discover and Predict

Big Data Analytics

Interact with discovery and advanced analytics to explore and uncover hidden patterns and insights in big data with rich visualisation at the speed of thought. Experiment, decide and act with more accuracy and precision to improve decision making and business outcomes.

Big Data Applications
Deliver at the Point of Interaction Deliver at the Point of Interaction

Big Data Applications

Business users must monitor changing conditions and respond quickly and appropriately. Take advantage of purpose-built applications with embedded analytics and data models such as customer experience, talent management, healthcare and utilities.

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