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Maximise today’s opportunities and prepare for future ones.

Improve Performance and Ensure Compliance
Improve Performance and Ensure Compliance icon Improve Performance and Ensure Compliance

Simplify IT and innovate to keep pace with changing markets and regulations.

Rapidly deploy new products and expand into new lines of business with modern, flexible, rules-based applications that help insurers optimise their business.

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Simplifies Insurance Claims

In our new environment with Oracle, we're achieving 90-92% auto-adjudication. That means we don't need humans to touch those claims and means those claims are processed more accurately as well, and that's critically important to the member.

– Deborah Norton, CIO, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
Penn National Insurance
Penn National Insurance Innovates with Oracle

We brought rate changes and new products to market faster. Business analysts could do the work in a shorter time; we’re able to get premium benefits more quickly and reduce expenses.

– Dean E Kimball, Project Manager, Penn National Insurance

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