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Oracle Health Sciences

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Providing life sciences and healthcare solutions to transform clinical R&D and patient care.

Oracle Health Sciences

Leveraging industry-shaping and transformative technologies that optimise clinical R&D, mitigate risk, advance healthcare and improve patient outcomes.

Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Transforming Clinical R&D

Delivering actionable insights from aggregated clinical and healthcare data while optimising clinical trial efficiency and productivity.



Improving Outcomes and Patient Care

Leveraging the use of real-world genomic and healthcare data to support personalised medicine and accountable care.

In the Spotlight

Video: On-demand Clinical Trial Budgets


Changing the Clinical Landscape

Driving innovations that are transforming clinical R&D from pipeline to patient.

Videos: InFocus: Healthcare Video Series


Healthcare Leadership Insights

Discussing new trends and challenges facing healthcare organisations.

Video: Empowering Hospital and Life Sciences Collaboration


Innovative Networking

Enabling healthcare systems to actively participate in life sciences clinical R&D.

Customer Story MD Anderson
MD Anderson and Oracle Making Cancer History

As we focus on the next generation of treatments, Oracle’s integrated health sciences applications and technology stack will help provide one of the robust foundations that we need to accelerate deployment, and ultimately, discovery of life-saving treatments.

-- Dr John Frenzel, chief medical information officer, MD Anderson
Customer Snapshot Siro Clinpharm
Improving Efficiency and Productivity in Data Management and Remote Monitoring
Siro Clinpharm Selects Oracle Health Sciences Solutions

As a leading clinical research organisation, we looked at the best in class EDC solutions available on the market. We selected Oracle Health Sciences InForm because we believe it clearly stands out from its competitors with outstanding functionality, low total cost of ownership and satisfied end users worldwide.

– Gopa Menon, chief executive officer, SIRO Clinpharm

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