Oracle Healthcare

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Oracle solutions support performance management, best practices and better resource utilisation. Industry-specific applications, integrated clinical data and service line analysis features ensure lower-cost high-quality care and reduce patient safety concerns.

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Oracle Healthcare helps payers and providers manage performance, implement best practices and improve efficiency and safety.

Benefits Descriptions
Ensure Quality of Care and Patient Safety
  • Improve the accuracy and availability of clinical information
  • Gain insight into patient conditions, treatments and outcomes achieved
  • Increase insurers' understanding of customers, market and distribution
  • Ensure security and privacy of patient information with comprehensive data protection
Attract and Retain the Healthcare Workforce
  • Fill clinical staff vacancies with the best-qualified individuals
  • Develop and retain a highly competent, professional workforce
  • Reduce human capital management costs
Mitigate Costs and Comply with Regulations
  • Reduce the cost of hospital supplies and agency labour processing
  • Comply with healthcare-specific regulations
  • Consolidate multiple systems and pool resources to obtain economies of scale
  • Improve utilisation of appropriate healthcare resources
  • Deliver financial and operational business transparency
Mitigate Costs and Improve Service Levels
  • Reduce the cost of hospital supplies and agency labour processing
  • Understand cost of treatments to drive business planning
  • Pool resources to obtain economies of scale and redirect savings to frontline care
  • Improve utilisation of appropriate healthcare resources
Respond to Market Opportunity
  • Rapidly deploy new products and new channels
  • Implement complete, end-to-end business processes that can be rapidly deployed internally and to distribution partners and customers
  • Leverage existing infrastructure investments while enabling a state-of-the-art architecture
  • Manage product lifecycles and programs in a cost-effective and timely manner
Efficiently and Cost-Effectively Meet the Needs of Service Member Subscribers and Partners
  • Introduce defined processes and information that meet service requirements at the lowest cost
  • Leverage common insurance data and end-to-end service processes
  • Deliver a comprehensive view of member services and resources
  • Effectively manage relationships between payers, providers, brokers and members
Meet Management and Regulatory Requirements
  • Implement defined processes
  • Gain a transparent and complete view of the business
  • Easily configure process controls, providing access to all of the data necessary for a complete view of the business
  • Meet analytical and reporting requirements
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