Oracle Utilities Solutions

Oracle Utilities Solutions

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Utility-specific solutions enable operational excellence and enhance customer satisfaction.

Utilities Solutions

Customer Solutions icon

Customer Solutions

Exceed customer expectations by quickly and easily meeting complex, changing demands.

Improve information management and processes needed to establish and grow residential, commercial and industrial customers, enabling business transformation, compliance and profitability.

Data Sheet
Customer Solutions Data Sheet

Harness customer and revenue data to improve business decisions.

Analytics Solutions icon

Analytics Solutions

Transform complex data into immediate business value.

Create insight from complex and disparate data sets to support information-enabled decisions that lead to more efficient and sustainable improvement of utility business performance.

Analytics Solutions infographic

Big Data: Are Utilities Doing Enough?

Metering Solutions icon

Metering Solutions

Build the meter data value chain.

Drive profitability and service quality by transforming volumes of data into information that enables utilities to realise revenue, ensure reliability and manage demand.

Data Sheet
Metering Solutions Data Sheet

Gather, process and store all types of meter data.

Work and Asset Management Solutions icon

Work and Asset Management Solutions

Comprehensive investment protection for utilities.

Improving workforce performance and management of all fixed and linear assets and smart grid devices enables utilities to reduce maintenance costs and improve capital planning.

Work and Asset Management Brochure

Efficiently manage asset lifecycles to improve maintenance operations.

Grid/Network Operations Solutions

Grid/Network Operations Solutions

Delivering mission-critical scalability, predictability and proven performance.

Provide grid safety, distributed generation modelling, network reliability and operational efficiencies to reduce cost, improve reliability and accelerate investment return.

Data Sheet
Grid/Network Operations Data Sheet

Tie grid operations to business processes and shorten outage durations.

Corporate Administration Solutions

Corporate Administration Solutions

Transform enterprise collaboration, integration, process efficiency and analytics.

Provide a single point of visibility and management for essential operating functions—injecting accountability, accuracy, cost reduction and efficiency into business performance.

Success Stories
Corporate Administration Solutions Success Stories

Oracle E-Business Suite: Information for Success

Consulting and Services Solutions

Consulting and Services Solutions

Expanding choices to match budget and infrastructure needs for each utility partner.

Flexible deployment and support services ensure the desired delivery—cloud, premise, hybrid—provided with the training, timeline and localisation that lead to success.

Consulting and Services Solutions brochure

Customer Care and Billing: An Express Implementation for Water Utilities

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