Oracle Exadata Storage Expansion Rack X3-2

Satisfy the Big Data Requirements of the Largest Mission Critical Databases

Oracle Exadata Storage Expansion Rack X3-2 enables you to grow the Exadata storage capacity and bandwidth of Exadata Database Machine X3-2 and X3-8 and Oracle SPARC SuperCluster. It is designed for database deployments that require very large amounts of data, including historical or archive data; backups and archives of Oracle Exadata Database Machine data; documents; images; file and XML data; LOBs; and other large unstructured data.

  • Oracle Exadata Storage Expansion Rack X3-2
  • Oracle Exadata Storage Expansion Rack X3-2
  • Oracle Exadata Storage Expansion Rack X3-2
  • Easily expand storage capacity and bandwidth
  • Connect directly to Oracle Exadata via InfiniBand fabric
  • Choose from quarter, half and full rack configuration
  • Protect against downtime with built-in redundancy
  • Oracle Database delivers industry-leading security, high availability and scalability, and has been significantly enhanced to take advantage of the Oracle Exadata Storage Servers
  • Oracle Exadata Smart Scan technology improves query performance by offloading intensive query processing and data mining scoring to scalable intelligent storage servers
  • Oracle Exadata Smart Flash Cache transparently caches 'hot' data to fast solid-state storage, improving query response times and throughput
  • Oracle Exadata Hybrid Columnar Compression reduces the size of data warehousing tables by 10x, and archive tables by 50x, to improve performance and lower storage costs for primary, standby and backup databases
  • An InfiniBand network allows you to connect multiple Oracle Exadata Database Machines to form a larger single system image configuration; each InfiniBand link provides 40 Gigabits of bandwidth–many times higher than traditional storage or server networks
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