Oracle Exadata Database Machine

Extreme Performance for the Cloud

Feature Benefit
Total Oracle Database Compatibility

Exadata supports standard Oracle Database 11g and 12c software , including all database options and Oracle best practices. This means the entire Oracle Database ecosystem, including applications, tools and DBA knowledge, is immediately usable on Oracle Exadata.

Optimized for all Database Workloads

Use Oracle Exadata for enterprise data warehouse, your most demanding OLTP system, or for database consolidation and mixed workloads. Oracle Exadata is an ideal platform for a Database as a Service private cloud.

Configuration Choices

Size your Oracle Exadata environment to your needs and expand as your requirements grow, with configurations starting at 1/8 rack and growing through multirack sizes.

Oracle Exadata Smart Scan

Data-intensive workloads, such as reports and data warehouse queries are offloaded to Oracle Exadata’s intelligent storage server software running in Oracle Exadata storage, boosting performance and return on investment.

Oracle Exadata Smart Flash Cache

Oracle Exadata’s storage hierarchy of DRAM, Flash, and disk automatically migrates data to ensure the best performance and the lowest storage cost.

Exadata Hybrid Columnar Compression

Reduce the size of data warehousing tables by up to 10x, and archival tables by up to 50x, through the industry’s best compression technology.

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