ZFS Storage Appliances

Application Engineered Storage

Feature Benefit
Integrated with Oracle Engineered Systems and Oracle Optimised Solutions

Accelerates business performance, increases productivity and speeds time to market

Hybrid Columnar Compression support with industry-leading storage efficiency for Oracle Databases

3x to 5x greater storage efficiency and lower acquisition costs for NAS-based Oracle Databases with in-database archiving for data warehousing, OLTP and mixed environments

Rich set of data services and network protocol support available for every system

Provides a single-vendor solution with high out-of-the-box functionality and low TCO

Hybrid Storage Pools with automated use of four tiers of storage

Increase enterprise NAS performance without extensive storage administration costs

Integrated, intuitive, Web-based storage management

Up to 36% less storage administration costs than NetApp

Integrated, visual, real-time storage analytics

Get more from existing NAS resources and reduce future storage purchases by identifying, troubleshooting and resolving bottlenecks

High-availability configurations

Deploy midrange to data centre NAS solution with rapid remediation of disk and controller failure

ZFS file system with advanced error detection and self-healing capabilities

Virtually eliminates the risk of undetected data corruption and automates storage failure remediation

Built-in, inline deduplication combined with ZFS compression

Significant cost and space savings with file-based data in storage consolidation, virtualisation and other data-intensive environments

Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control Integration

Eases management of multiple Sun ZFS Storage Appliance systems in Oracle software environments and includes provisioning of capacity and different SLA levels

Simultaneous multiprotocol support across multiple network interconnects, including GbE, 10 GbE, fibre channel and InfiniBand

Reduce complexity by consolidating multiple storage interconnects into one system, simplifying deployment and reducing risk

High-performance SPC and SPECsfs benchmark results

Proven performance for any workload

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