Oracle Big Data

Oracle Big Data SQL
Connect All Your Data with SQL

Oracle's revolutionary new solution—Oracle Big Data SQL—for seamlessly integrating Hadoop, NoSQL, and Oracle Database is now available.

Oracle Big Data
The Rise of Data Capital

Realize remarkable value from the capture and use of more data, using this wealth of information as the new capital with Oracle Big Data, Hadoop, and analytics.

Transform Your Business
Transform Your Business

There's huge opportunity to close the gap between the world's new ability to produce data and your ability to use it with Oracle Big Data.

IDC: When Worlds Collide in the Enterprise
IDC: When Worlds Collide in the Enterprise

Learn why and how you get better performance by combining relational platforms with other non-relational big data and analytics technologies to the fullest extent.

The Foundation for Data Innovation

Big Data Architecture

Deliver your new competitive strategy on a unified architecture that provides end-to-end data liquidity, tailored scalability, and security and privacy from the inside out. Innovate on a foundation of big data management, integration, analytics, and applications.

  • Discover Fast and Predict Fast
    Analyze a variety of data by exploring and experimenting for more precise personalized interactions and quicker, more accurate anticipation of changing behavior and situations. Speed discoveries and next best action into operational activities.
Analyze data precisely, quickly, and accurately
  • Access Hadoop and NoSQL with SQL
    Break down data silos and gain the insights you need with the skills you already have by using a single SQL query to seamlessly access data stored in Hadoop, relational databases, and NoSQL stores and scale on any platform. Read the article
Use a single SQL query to access Hadoop and NoSQL stores
  • Extend Governance and Security
    Reduce risk by extending information protection policies to Hadoop and NoSQL—including seamless authentication, authorization and auditing controls—similar to security for your relational database. Read the blog Read press release
Reduce risk by extending information protection policies to Hadoop and NoSQL

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Learn About the Latest Innovations in Big Data
Big Data News Delivered

Read Oracle’s big data blog to find out about new solutions and how companies are tapping the potential of big data.

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Find Out What’s Up At Big Data Central @ OpenWorld
Join Big Data Experts

See how enterprises everywhere are mobilizing big data and using it in novel ways.

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How are Companies Leveraging Big Data?
Data Changes Everything

Explore the opportunities. Get new insights. See how others have succeeded with big data.

UPMC Personalises Medicine with Oracle's Big Data Platform
UPMC Personalizes Medicine with Oracle’s Big Data Platform

With Oracle Exadata, Advanced Analytics, and purpose-built applications, we have a high-performance platform that can personalize treatment and improve healthcare outcomes.

—Lisa Khorey, VP Enterprise Systems, UPMC
Customer Trends Through Big Data Analytics
StubHub Spots Customer Trends Through Big Data Analytics

Oracle Database and Oracle Advanced Analytics enable predictive analytics, data mining, text mining, statistical analysis, and advanced numerical computations—all inside the database.

—Mike Barber, Senior Manager of Data Science, StubHub
Oracle’s Big Data Platform
Thomson Reuters Uses Oracle’s Big Data Platform

Oracle Big Data Appliance, Exadata and Exalytics engineered systems provide high performance and a big data delivery of Hadoop, data warehousing, and analytics to improve customer service.

—Rick King, COO for Technology, Thomson Reuters
Big Data Appliance
De Persgroep Attains 360 View with Big Data Appliance

We want to attain a 360-degree view of our customers and prospects. The big data project helped us to achieve that goal.

—Luc Verbist, CIO De Persgroup

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