Oracle SuperCluster T5-8

Engineered for Performance and Efficiency

Provides a complete engineered system that’s ideal for the consolidation of Oracle Databases and applications as well as private cloud deployments. Oracle SuperCluster T5-8 delivers extreme performance, highest availability, and efficiency and eliminates the risks of build-it-yourself architectures.

  • Oracle SuperCluster T5-8

    Extreme performance: Oracle SuperCluster is Oracle's most powerful Oracle Database Machine and also Oracle's most powerful Oracle database and application consolidation platform.

  • Oracle SuperCluster T5-8

    Highest availability — No single point of failure and zero downtime maintenance for enterprise-critical databases and applications.

  • Oracle SuperCluster T5-8

    Highest efficiency — Up to 10x database compression, 3x less administrative overhead and 5x faster deployment than build-it-yourself systems.

Oracle SuperCluster T5-8
  • Delivers extreme performance and 10x better price/performance than a comparable IBM Power7+ based solution
  • Based on the world's fastest database server, the world's fastest database storage, and the world's fastest processor
  • Ensures the highest availability, with No single point of failure and zero downtime maintenance
  • Provides the highest efficiency, with up to 10x database compression, 3x less administrative overhead, and 5x faster deployment than build-it-yourself systems
  • Consolidates the largest, most mission-critical OLTP and data warehousing databases on the same system, making it ideal for the largest enterprise-wide applications
  • Integrates Oracle’s best-in-class servers, storage, networking, and software
Customer Success Stories
Specialized Bikes Has Huge Advantage on Oracle SuperCluster

Specialized Bicycles is a brand that innovates. That is why we work with Oracle. It is about speed, increasing efficiencies, knowing and managing net inventory. We partner with Oracle, and SuperCluster, we are a team. We created our proof of concept with Oracle. A 17 hour report ran in 20 minutes on Oracle SuperCluster. What CIO doesn't love that? I/O was a huge integration. We were up tremendously fast with Oracle SuperCluster in 65 days, and integrated with Oracle. (2:53)

- Ron Pollard, CIO, Specialized
Customer Success Stories
HDFC Securities Consolidation and High Availability

HDFC Securities transforms its retail security operations with Oracle SuperCluster. HDFC increased peak trading capacity 4X, cut time for batch jobs from 9 to 3 hours and achieved 25:1 server consolidation ratios, saving 3X in data center space. (6:13)

Customer Success Stories
NCR Gains Business Benefits with Oracle SuperCluster
NCR chose Oracle SuperCluster for the best performance for an Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Enterprise Database, and Oracle Exalogic integrated implementation supported by Oracle Platinum Services. The business benefits proven through the Oracle proof of concept include superior price/performance. NCR will be migrating from an IBM platform to Oracle SuperCluster, integrated with Oracle Exadata and used to manage its Global Service business.
- Martin Kawecki, IT Director, NCR
Customer Success Stories
HDFC Securities Ramps Up IT Systems For Faster Online Trading
Oracle SuperCluster was the obvious choice for our time-sensitive business, as it offers extreme performance, has no single point of failure, delivers single-vendor support, and provides the highest level of efficiency for our online trading platform where 100% uptime is essential. We saw a threefold improvement in throughput performance, increased the speed of online trading by up to 60%, produced reports 67% faster, improved risk management, and cut data center costs.
- Vivek Joshi, CTO, HDFC Securities


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