Oracle Sustainability Solutions for Enabling the Eco-Enterprise

Oracle Solutions for Powering the Green Enterprise

Leading businesses recognize that environmental responsibility is good business. Well-structured environmental practices deliver triple bottom line benefits to people, planet and profits. Oracle operates our own business according to environmental best practices, and we use our own sustainability products, achieving significant benefits to our own bottom line.

Oracle's greatest positive impact is through the delivery of practical, concrete solutions that help our customers with their own sustainability initiatives.

As both a global high technology manufacturer as well as the world's leading business software vendor, Oracle is uniquely positioned to deliver these solutions, leveraging the power of hardware and software, engineered to work together. Oracle, in collaboration with our partners, provides sustainability solutions that are integrated with your core business activities across the value chain. Oracle's sustainability-related solutions cover an unmatched breadth and depth of capability and we are continuing to invest and to innovate.

Below is a functional view of how environmental sustainability needs to be embedded within an organization from an Information Technology perspective. It is ineffective to treat sustainability as a separate functional area. Sustainability is best viewed as an organizational core competency that must be embedded within a wide variety of existing business functions, and which then drives a complementary set of measures and optimization goals. Click on the links for more details on how Oracle products enable eco-enterprises.

Risk and Performance Management
Sustainability Analytics Sustainability Reporting Environmental Planning Modeling and Forecasting Risk and Compliance

Business Operations
Design for the Environment Sustainable Sourcing Sustainable Manufacturing Sustainable Logistics Supply Chain Planning
Product Takeback Facilities / Asset Management Smart Utility Grids Paperless Processes  

IT Infrastructure
Energy Efficient Platforms Consolidation and Virtualization Cloud Computing Intelligent Storage Resource Management





Oracle is committed to advancing education, protecting the environment, promoting diversity, and enriching community life. Read the Corporate Citizenship Report to learn how Oracle's technology and corporate citizenship efforts are positively impacting society. Oracle recognizes its environmental responsibility as a global corporation and has implemented programs that enable its facilities and employees to reduce the use of natural resources, minimize and recycle waste, and emphasize sustainable resources. One such example is the Oracle OpenWorld conference where Oracle has greatly reduced the footprint of this massive event (PDF).

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