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Optimize Your IT Investments

Hardware, software, and services from Oracle are strategic business investments. The experts at Oracle Financing can help you optimize your IT investments.

Ask the Right Questions

When acquiring technology, you face two critical decisions: what do you need, and what is the best way to pay for it. Do you use CapEx or OpEx budgets? Cash, or make payments over time? How do these choices affect total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI)? These questions are complex, with implications that extend beyond the IT department to affect overall business profitability.

Get the Right Answers

With decades of experience helping more than 15,000 customers around the world, Oracle Financing can guide your organization through the process of optimizing your IT investments.


Oracle Financing provides a portfolio of customizable financial solutions to meet unique business challenges. For example, if you're facing a budget shortfall or cash flow issues, don't settle for less than what you need. Work with Oracle Financing to access the complete solution now by breaking up the investment into multiple smaller transactions.


IT strategies involve many decisions: what technology to use, where to locate hardware, who will manage software and systems. And there are multiple payment options, such as leasing, financing, or IT as a service. Oracle's finance experts work with you to determine the strategies that can optimize acquisitions, budgets, capacity, and overall IT investment.


Building an ideal IT solution can be challenging and time consuming. Once the acquisition decision has been made, the rest of the process should be simple by comparison. Oracle Financing offers quick approvals and simple documentation, giving you rapid access to the right technology today. 

Next Steps

Ask your Oracle sales representative about optimized IT investments. Or contact Oracle Financing directly at

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