Sun Netra Carrier-Grade Servers

Best-in-class performance for communication and media services

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Why Oracle?

Oracle Netra's family of products are a benchmark in the industry for deployments that require high reliability in demanding environments. Netra is used in 5 to 7 nines reliable environments, such as communications networks, emergency systems, military systems or anywhere that requires continuous availability. These products are tested for operation under a variety of extreme conditions such a loss of cooling, earthquake and fire among others. Netra designs its systems with extraordinary availability as a core requirement.

Sun Netra Carrier-Grade Rackmount Servers
Sun Netra Carrier Grade Rackmount Servers

Carrier grade rackmount systems deliver high performance, maximum scalability, and safe reliable service. Oracle is the only major vendor to provide the communications industry with a complete carrier grade rackmount server product line.

Sun Netra SPARC
Rackmount Servers
Sun Netra x86
Rackmount Servers

Sun Netra 6000 Carrier Grade Blade Servers
Sun Netra 6000 Carrier Grade Blade Servers

Carrier grade blades deliver high scalability, extreme density, and deployment flexibility to meet the demands of secure communications applications. The Sun Netra 6000 carrier grade blade servers are designed for media services delivery including Operations and Business Support Systems (OSS/BSS).

Oracle Carrier Grade-Engineered Systems

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