Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance

One Platform for all Your Applications

Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance is an engineered system that radically simplifies the way customers install, deploy, and manage virtual infrastructures for any Linux, Oracle Solaris, or Microsoft Windows application.

  • Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance
  • Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance
  • Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance
  • Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance
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  • From power-on to production in about an hour
  • Fully virtualized software defined infrastructure
  • Integrated Oracle templates to speed deployment of Oracle software
  • Linear scalability enabled by adding one compute node at a time
  • Factory-built system reduces setup and eliminates configuration errors
  • Saves hundreds of hours of installation and configuration time and eliminates the risk of physical and software configuration errors
  • Includes Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder and support for Oracle templates so customers can rapidly deploy complex Oracle software stacks that have been pre-tested and factory integrated
  • Out-of-the-box support for thousands of Oracle and third-party applications
  • Simplified appliance management coupled with Oracle Enterprise Manager complete cloud control for full stack management
  • Supports Oracle ZFS storage system and a wide range of 3rd party storage
  • Supports Oracle Trusted Partitions, giving customers the flexibility to license Oracle software on a vCPU (virtual CPU) basis
More About Oracle Engineered Systems

Oracle designs engineered systems that are pre-integrated to reduce the cost and complexity of IT infrastructures while increasing productivity and performance. Only Oracle can innovate and optimize at every layer of the stack to simplify data center operations, drive down costs, and accelerate business innovation.

What's New

What's New for Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance

Oracle Introduces the Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance

Rapid, repeatable infrastructure deployment for virtually any application.

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Demo: Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance System Walk-Through

Demo: Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance System Walk-Through

Power-on to production-ready in about an hour (12:34)

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