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Monday, December 13

15:30 - 17:30 | Plenary Hall
Dr. Jiren Liu
Dr. Jiren Liu | Chairman and CEO, Neusoft Corporation | Biography [+/-]
Jeff Henley
Jeff Henley | Chairman of the Board, Oracle | Biography [+/-] | Download (PDF)
Gary Beck
Gary Beck | Vice President, Hardware Development, Oracle | Download (PDF)
Steve Au Yeung
Steve Au Yeung | Executive Vice President, Asia Pacific, Oracle | Biography [+/-] | Download (PDF)

Welcome Keynote

Oracle provides the world's most complete, open, and integrated business software and hardware systems to more than 370,000 customers who represent a variety of company sizes and industries in more than 145 countries around the globe.

Join Oracle's senior executives as they provide an overview of Oracle's corporate and global strategy and vision and discuss how Oracle is helping customers benefit from fully integrated systems—the entire stack, from applications to disk—that are faster, more reliable and lower-cost. In addition the executive team will preview the week's product announcements, key product innovations, and key customer support services.

Tuesday, December 14

14:00 - 15:30 | Plenary Hall
Lipton Ouyang
Lipton Ouyang | Vice President, ECS China

Building a Channel Ecosystem and Sharing Technology Gains

ECS is honored to attend this distinguished conference as an important Oracle partner. With more than 10 years of cooperation, both companies have been making efforts to provide the world's leading software, hardware, and services to customers. ECS expresses its sincere thanks to Oracle and its customers for their appreciation. In this keynote, ECS vice president Lipton Ouyang discusses channel ecosystems and the benefits of sharing technology gains.

Nandini Ramani
Nandini Ramani | Senior Director, Software Development, Oracle | Download (PDF)

Java Strategy and Directions

Since its inception, Java has expanded relentlessly in bringing the power of secure, connected computing to the activities of everyday life. Java is the force behind applications and devices important to every aspect of both our professional and personal worlds—from desktops to mobile phones and handheld devices, to entertainment and navigation systems, to mission-critical enterprise software. In this opening JavaOne keynote Nandini Ramani, Oracle's senior director of development for the Java Client Group, shares Oracle's vision for strengthened investment and innovation in Java and describes how Java will continue to grow as the most powerful, scalable, secure, and open platform for the global developer community.

15:45 - 17:30 | Plenary Hall
Terrence Barr
Terrence Barr | Senior Technologist and Ambassador, Oracle | Download (PDF)

Java for Embedded: A Fresh Look at the Future

For some time now, the Java community has addressed the needs of embedded-application developers by introducing tools and techniques honed through use in the general market. It's now time to address embedded development in its own right. Developers who create software for devices that are not computer-based—printers, controllers, and medical equipment, for example—face significantly different problems and constraints than do general-purpose developers. Many of us realize that the Java community can and should more energetically embrace the needs and requirements of embedded-application developers. Oracle is taking a fresh look at Java for embedded applications and believes that the time is right for a radically different approach to how Java supports developers of embedded software. This technical presentation highlights new Java technologies and approaches for the embedded market.

Roberto Chinnici
Roberto Chinnici | Technical Staff Consulting Member, Oracle | Download (PDF)

Java EE: The Evolution of the Java Platform

Over time, the focus of Java EE has shifted from providing a collection of raw APIs out of the box to offering an integrated programming model with a smooth learning curve. This gradual movement has changed the way APIs are designed, packaged, and released. It's also notable that the latest Java EE release made the platform more targeted by adding support for profiles, all while retaining strong compatibility guarantees to ward off the threat of fragmentation. This technical presentation examines the principles that have guided the design of the Java EE platform over the years, culminating with last year's release of Java EE 6. It also looks at what's coming in Java EE 7, interpolating current industry trends and carrying to its conclusion the renewal process that has characterized the last two platform releases.

Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine
Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine | Java Developer Advocate, Oracle | Download (PDF)

Java SE: The Road Ahead

Java SE has come a long way in 15 years. From its humble beginnings as a tool for programming small interactive devices, it has evolved into a high-performance, general-purpose virtual machine, language, and set of libraries used in applications ranging from the desktop to the cloud. This keynote focuses on the next steps in this evolutionary path. These include enhancing Java Virtual Machine to make it the target of choice for implementers of non-Java languages, modernizing the Java programming language to make developers more productive and programs more efficient on multicore processors, and modularizing the platform to make it faster and even more widely applicable than it is today.

Wednesday, December 15

13:45 - 15:15 | Plenary Hall
Huai Yang
Huai Yang | CTO, Beijing Teamsun Technology Co., Ltd. | Biography [+/-]

New IT Service Under the Environment of Cloud Computing

Teamsun is a leading integrated IT service provider in China. As a pacemaker in inland cloud computing service, Teamsun puts forward the idea of "changing IT assets into IT service," building the next-generation service platform for information integration through value chain, service platform, and service application alliance in the cloud computing environment. Teamsun also provides service for information integration in the cloud computing environment for clients such as telecom, postal service, government, and energy, offering consulting, services for industry applications, infrastructure services, and IT operation and maintenance services. Learn more during Teamsun CTO Huai Yang's Wednesday keynote.

Duncan Mills
Duncan Mills | Senior Director, Product Management, Oracle | Download (PDF)

The Complexities of Rich Enterprise Applications

Server-side development is often the most difficult, making it easy to forget that effective user interface engineering and multichannel delivery can eliminate many adoption barriers for enterprise users. In his Wednesday keynote, Oracle senior director Duncan Mills discusses how improvements in specifications and vendor technology are opening new doors for Java Web applications to evolve to rich enterprise applications—applications that outperform the baseline requirement. Learn why enterprise developers must work more efficiently as a team to address these adoption barriers, leverage existing enterprise assets, and close the gap between the complexity of technology and the time within which IT has to deliver.

Oracle Open World - December 13-16, 2010


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