Oracle OpenWorld Industries Stream

Understanding the competitive and strategic dynamics in your industry is critical to your company's success over time. With a product footprint that enables every role in every key industry, Oracle understands industry market dynamics and customer needs and can help you determine which go-to-market strategies are best suited to your organization. In this stream, you will have the opportunity to learn more about Oracle's continued commitment to deliver industry-specific solutions that deliver measurable value to your company's bottom-line results. Join Oracle product experts and industry leaders for discussions ranging from Oracle's industry roadmap, to transformational business strategies, to more intimate sessions around solution-specific challenges.

Industries Primary Tracks

Communications and Media

In a challenging economy, communications service providers and media companies need to find innovative new ways to grow the top line while improving employee productivity and making more efficient use of capital and operating expenditures. These businesses need a modern, integrated, standards-based infrastructure that automates and accelerates every step of the process from new service creation to monetization. The Communications and Media track provides a comprehensive overview of Oracle's products and solutions for the industry and details some of the strategies communications and media companies are using to flourish in the current downturn.

Consumer Goods

Today's consumer goods companies face many challenges: improving brand equity and loyalty; effectively managing trade spend; differentiating themselves against private label; managing a complex supply chain; and delivering a high-quality, safe product. At Oracle OpenWorld, hear directly from Oracle consumer goods customers who have moved beyond enterprise resource planning and are mitigating these challenges with Oracle solutions. Find out why all of the 100 largest consumer goods companies rely on Oracle to power their growth. Join Oracle experts, partners, and customers in the Consumer Goods track for these customer-driven sessions.

Education and Research

This year's Education and Research track at Oracle OpenWorld examines how higher education and research institutions and school districts are using Oracle Applications, technology, and hardware—applications to disk—to meet and adapt to the changing needs and demands of all their constituents: students, teachers, parents, faculty, staff, graduates and alumni, governance bodies, and the extended community of supporters and stakeholders. Take advantage of these targeted sessions to learn how Oracle can support the requirements of small institutions as well as large multilocation school districts, university systems, and research institutions.

Financial Services

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The financial services industry continues to occupy front-page headlines as it recovers from the economic downturn and reacts to a new regulatory environment. The recent subprime mortgage crisis and major fraud scandals have increased awareness of the importance of this industry to the global economy. In the Financial Services track at Oracle OpenWorld, you will see how Oracle can help you navigate today's treacherous environment of complex and interrelated risks, decreasing margins, increased public scrutiny, and new competitors unknown to this industry just a few years ago. Sessions include Oracle industry experts and Oracle customers discussing how Oracle technology and applications can make a real difference with your customers, provide competitive differentiation, improve cost effectiveness, and help you holistically manage your compliance and corporate governance initiatives.


Today's healthcare organizations are facing unprecedented challenges in a dynamic economic and business climate. Organizations across the entire healthcare ecosystem—from traditional free-standing nonprofit hospital providers, integrated delivery systems, commercial insurance payors, and government service agencies to academic medical research centers, specialty care networks, and world-class healthcare organizations—are leveraging technology to prepare for growth and success while building on their common synergies in this transformative environment. In this track, learn how Oracle's comprehensive industry-leading solutions for healthcare payors and providers are enabling healthcare to drive results with measurable insight, quality, and outcomes for healthcare organizations of all types.

High Technology

Learn about Oracle solutions tailored specifically to address the complex challenges high technology enterprises face today. In this track, you'll see how Oracle's applications and technology solutions help customers survive, grow, and improve profits through operational excellence. Oracle high technology solutions help customers gain competitive advantages in the face of the current economy, shrinking product lifecycles, slimming margins, and the need to continuously innovate with new products. Discover how to thrive in the face of challenging international product collaboration and manufacturing outsourcing; multifaceted demand planning and supply chains; distribution channel expansion; the need to expand lines of service to grow profits; and the need for integrated planning, complex analytics, and business intelligence to enable decisive action with little risk. See how your high technology company can leverage Oracle's breadth of products and services, taking advantage of end-to-end business process solutions that utilize Oracle's best-of-breed applications and technology to enable you to successfully innovate, increase enterprise efficiency and productivity, reduce operational costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Industrial Manufacturing
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As the global economy strengthens, manufacturers begin to reposition for their recovery. To ensure short-term success and long-term viability, today's manufacturers are focused on increasing their customer capital, accelerating innovation and time to market, Leaning their global supply chains, and optimizing financial and operational performance. Join us at Oracle OpenWorld to hear how leading manufacturers within the automotive, manufacturing, and aerospace and defense industries have surmounted the challenges of the global recession and are strengthening their competitive positions by leveraging Oracle middleware and Oracle's customer relationship management, product lifecycle management, supply chain management, and enterprise performance management applications.


Insurers have always dealt with a set of challenges unique to their business—challenges increased by recent global market dynamics. At last year's Oracle OpenWorld, Oracle launched its Oracle Insurance line of applications, a modern, complete, and innovative insurance software solution to help insurance companies solve key business challenges and manage the entire enterprise—from infrastructure to sales, service, administration, and financials. This year, the Oracle Insurance track will focus on how Oracle's solutions can help insurers get new products to market faster, drive more effective distribution management, and improve overall operational efficiencies. Sessions also outline plans for further developing and integrating Oracle's best-in-class, insurance-specific applications with the company's technology and business infrastructure. Sessions include Oracle industry experts and Oracle customers discussing how Oracle technology and applications can help insurers manage their business to thrive in a dramatically changing global economy.

Life Sciences

Leading life sciences organizations are moving toward modernizing their business process, architecture, and technology infrastructure in an attempt to address the challenges faced by the industry today. Oracle's continued product innovation; complete, open, and integrated applications; and enhanced end user experience enable life sciences organizations to address their most critical business challenges. Oracle's complete industry solution footprint uniquely enables life sciences companies to innovate, manufacture, and sell more effectively—all while managing compliance and minimizing risk. Attend the Life Sciences track at Oracle OpenWorld to learn how Oracle's powerful combination of technology and comprehensive business applications can help you address key challenges such as costly, high-risk discovery periods and shrinking patent expiration limits.

Oil and Gas and Natural Resources

Today's oil and gas and natural resources companies are challenged at many levels: you have to integrate numerous, often-incompatible systems; ensure that equipment and facilities operate at maximum efficiency; and maintain reliable inventory forecasts and location information. In the Oil and Gas and Natural Resources industry track at Oracle OpenWorld, find out how to keep your business—and your IT—operating at maximum efficiency, with Oracle's comprehensive family of complete, open, and integrated solutions. Learn how to
  • Get a 360-degree view of your operations with Oracle's data warehousing, middleware, and business intelligence solutions
  • Manage enterprise assets using Oracle Asset Lifecycle Management
  • Improve operational efficiency with Oracle's materials management, logistics, and transportation solutions
  • Optimize your portfolio with Oracle's Primavera enterprise project portfolio management solutions

Oracle OpenWorld is the best place to get answers to all your questions about the oil and gas and natural resources industries, your information systems, and Oracle industry solutions. Oracle President Charles Phillips sits on the National Petroleum Council, which includes the leading oil and natural resources industry CEOs, so you know Oracle's industry roadmap—and product evolution—come from a unique place of industry insight.

Public Sector
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Government managers and leaders are seeking new ways to use information technology to improve services and reduce costs. The Public Sector track at Oracle OpenWorld examines how governments are using Oracle applications and technology today to become more innovative, integrated, and intelligent in order to meet these challenges. Take advantage of targeted sessions to learn how your peers are transforming service delivery, modernizing the IT infrastructure, and increasing efficiency and transparency to deliver better information for decision-making, better deployment of resources, and better-targeted public policy.


The consumer has changed. Shoppers' expectations are higher. Discretionary income is limited. Consumers are empowered by social media. The chance to drive growth may be greater than ever before for retailers willing to invest in a model built on customer knowledge, agility, adaptability, and intelligence. With the help of Oracle, today's retailers are leveraging insight-driven applications to prepare their organizations for growth and success in the next generation of retailing through evolving channels. In this track, learn how Oracle's industry-leading technology and applications focused on operational efficiencies, customer experience, strategic planning, business intelligence, and back office operations are transforming the economics of retail and delivering measurable results for retailers of all sizes.

Services, Transportation, and Construction

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Across the globe, the services sector continues to expand, adding significantly to the GDP of industrialized economies. Simultaneously, a service transformation is underway in product-based companies, spawning a new line of comprehensive end-to-end service capabilities. As this services-based economic engine grows, new businesses are evolving and existing businesses are consolidating to provide a services model that can scale globally. Time to market for new services, predictive delivery of services, and personalization of the customer experience through the service lifecycle are all becoming key requirements as enterprises grow their service portfolios, their customer base, and their global footprint. The Services, Transportation, and Construction industries track explores the challenges and opportunities for companies in the professional services, travel, transportation, and engineering and construction industries and shows how companies can take advantage of Oracle's broad software and hardware solution portfolio to drive revenue growth, customer loyalty, and improved profitability.


Join utility industry professionals and technology experts for a range of sessions focused on demonstrating how utility companies can expand market opportunities, maximize operational efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, leverage new technologies, and address environmental challenges. Hear about the critical issues facing your industry peers today, including how to increase returns from advanced metering infrastructure investments, efficiently manage your smart metering initiatives, enable smart grids and reduce the impact of outages, optimize work and asset management, transform field service operations, streamline end-to-end retail operations, and increase customer service levels at reduced costs to maximize overall customer lifetime value. Oracle representatives will be on hand to answer your questions and to demonstrate Oracle's mission-critical solutions, technology, and applications for the utilities industry.
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