Monday, December 13

15:30 - 17:30 | Plenary Hall
Dr. Jiren Liu
Dr. Jiren Liu | Chairman and CEO, Neusoft Corporation | Biography [+/-]

Software Drives Innovation

Neusoft has been dedicated to the application and innovation of software technology in the fundamental industries and product engineering industry. Through our efforts, innovation and software technology application have been perfectly integrated and widely used in people's daily life. In this way, we create values for clients and the society.

As the largest IT solution and service provider in China, Neusoft has witnessed the development of the country's software industry. As an emerging multinational software and service company, Neusoft has been boosting the development of new industries, through our innovation in concepts, technology and business model. For more information, please refer to the keynote speech by Dr. JirenLiu, Chairman & CEO of Neusoft Corporation.

Jeff Henley
Jeff Henley | Chairman of the Board, Oracle | Biography [+/-] | Download (PDF)
Gary Beck
Gary Beck | Vice President, Hardware Development, Oracle | Download (PDF)
Steve Au Yeung
Steve Au Yeung | Executive Vice President, Asia Pacific, Oracle | Biography [+/-] | Download (PDF)

Welcome Keynote

Oracle provides the world's most complete, open, and integrated business software and hardware systems to more than 370,000 customers who represent a variety of company sizes and industries in more than 145 countries around the globe.

Join Oracle's senior executives as they provide an overview of Oracle's corporate and global strategy and vision and discuss how Oracle is helping customers benefit from fully integrated systems—the entire stack, from applications to disk—that are faster, more reliable and lower-cost. In addition the executive team will preview the week's product announcements, key product innovations, and key customer support services.

Tuesday, December 14

9:00 - 10:45 | Plenary Hall
Lin Yang
Lin Yang | President and Executive Director, Digital China Holdings Limited

Digital China (China) Limited, Sm@rt City

With a mission to digitalize China, Digital China is committed to providing Chinese customers with sophisticated and applicable IT solutions, driving technological innovations for work and life and enhancing the digitalization process in China.

"Sm@rt City" is a specific demonstration of high-level information, intelligence, virtualization, and agility of a city—that is, enabling digital technology, information technology, communication technology, and network technology to penetrate into all aspects of urban life.

Learn more in the keynote by Digital China's president and executive director, Lin Yang.

Robert Shimp
Robert Shimp | Group Vice President, Oracle | Biography [+/-] | Download (PDF)
Amit Zavery
Amit Zavery | Vice President, Product Development, Oracle | Download (PDF)


Cloud computing is an important trend driving the evolution of datacenter architecture and software products. Amit Zavery, Oracle's vice president of product development, and Robert Shimp, group vice president at Oracle, offer Oracle's perspective on how cloud computing influences IT throughout the application lifecycle—from development and deployment to management and self-service administration. They also discuss the impact of cloud on business users and Oracle's complete cloud offering across private, public, and hybrid clouds—with a focus on Oracle products such as the Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud.

Wednesday, December 15

9:00 - 10:30 | Plenary Hall
Tao Guan | President of Beijing Futong Dongfang Technology Company Limited

Focus on IT, and Develop Together

As the largest solution provider of enterprise-level information infrastructures in the IT industry of China, Futong, with multiyear work experience in the industry, has become the distributor in China of solutions from world-renowned companies such as IBM, Oracle, and Huawei Symantec. Futong has succeeded in establishing a scientific and systematic service system and created a remarkable and unique growth trajectory for the distribution service industry in China. From the start, Futong has always stood by its beliefs that honesty, loyalty, preciseness, and responsibility are the standard in business; sustaining and trusting in each other leads to valuable credibility; and adhering to the innovative spirit of perseverance and strictly sticking to its responsibilities to its customers, investors, and employees are key to success.

Attend this keynote to learn more about Futong's vision of the IT market and high technology industry in China—and worldwide.

Gary Beck
Gary Beck | Vice President, Hardware Development, Oracle | Download (PDF)

Thursday, December 16

9:00 - 10:30 | Plenary Hall
Piau-Phang Foo
Piau-Phang (PP) Foo | Managing Director and Senior Vice President of HP Asia-Pacific & Japan | Download (PDF)

Innovation through Modernization & Convergence

For more than 30 years, HP and Oracle have worked closely together on joint engineering and product integration efforts to help customers meet their business challenges. HP's broad portfolio of services and software and the company's converged infrastructure, combined with Oracle's offerings, can help you improve the effectiveness of your next-generation technology solutions and enable you to achieve your business goals faster and more cost-effectively than ever. HP is at the forefront of driving IT global transformation by delivering comprehensive solutions that can dramatically unleash your potential. From traditional "build your own" to a private or external cloud, HP can help modernize and ready your entire environment to anticipate and respond to the changing demands of the market. Learn more in this keynote address.

Chris Leone
Chris Leone | Group Vice President, Application Strategy, Oracle | Download (PDF)

Oracle Fusion Applications: The New Standard for Business

Chris Leone provides insight into the strategy for Oracle Applications customers and demonstrates Oracle Fusion Applications at his Oracle OpenWorld keynote Thursday. Hear how Oracle Fusion Applications provide next-generation productivity, next-generation usability, and next-generation manageability—setting new standards for innovation, work, and IT. Oracle Fusion Applications build on Oracle's Applications Unlimited commitment and are designed to work with and evolve Oracle Applications and non-Oracle application products, giving customers complete choice.

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