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Server and Storage Systems Stream

Today, enterprises need to get to market faster while providing better access and delivery of services. Companies across the globe need to remain competitive and find creative and affordable ways to use IT to grow the bottom line. Oracle is building upon 25+ years of Sun's enterprise innovation and system design expertise. We are driving differentiated customer value through the integration of compute, storage, networking and software to deliver an open and secure systems architecture upon which to run Oracle Database, Oracle Middleware and applications with speed, simplicity, scalability and savings.

In the Server and Storage Stream at Oracle Open World, you'll learn how the complete Sun server and storage portfolios combined with Sun Flash technologies and innovations in Oracle Solaris and Oracle Linux can help your organization improve the ROI of your application investments. Learn how server virtualization solutions for both Sun SPARC and Sun x86 architectures can help you gain better efficiencies across your business and in the datacenter.

Server and Storage Systems Primary Tracks

Oracle Solaris

The world's #1 enterprise operating system is now part of the world's most complete, open, and integrated business software portfolio. Discover what makes Oracle Solaris the platform of choice for more than 11,000 software applications, and learn how it can save your business money. Find out what makes Oracle Solaris reliable, secure, and scalable, with features such as Oracle Solaris DTrace for safe, pervasive observability, predictive self healing for automated software and hardware resilience, built-in virtualization technologies such as Oracle Solaris Containers, and the ground-breaking data management features of Oracle Solaris ZFS. See how Oracle Solaris is optimized to be the best deployment platform for Oracle software. Oracle has increased its investments in Oracle Solaris, and now is the ideal time to learn how this can make your business infrastructure even more reliable and cost-effective than before.


Oracle's long history of Linux commitment began in 1998 with the first commercial database on Linux. Today, Oracle Database is #1 on Linux; Oracle Applications, Oracle Fusion Middleware, and Oracle's x86 server business continue to build significant Linux momentum. In the Linux track at Oracle OpenWorld, you'll learn how organizations of all sizes, in all industries, worldwide are realizing the true benefits of complete, integrated, and open solutions with Oracle Unbreakable Linux. Find out what Oracle is doing to simplify the development, deployment, and management of Linux solutions through significant testing programs and the Oracle Validated Configurations program. Also discover how Oracle is driving the enterprise Linux technology roadmap with new features and enhancements, making Linux a better operating system for all. Meet Oracle's Linux engineers, experts, customers, and partners, and get answers to all your Linux questions.

Sun SPARC Servers

Oracle's Sun SPARC Enterprise server family is a proven and trusted foundation for Oracle Database and Oracle Application deployments. Learn best practices and discover how customers are meeting business requirements, lowering risk, and achieving a lower total cost of ownership with Sun SPARC Enterprise servers. Which Sun SPARC Enterprise server is best for my Oracle workload? How can I maximize system utilization using SPARC server virtualization tools? When should I cluster many servers or deploy a single server? How can I maximize system availability with the reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) features of Sun SPARC Enterprise servers? How can I accelerate performance with Sun Flash technology? What has been done to integrate Oracle software and Oracle's Sun hardware to improve performance and simplify application deployment? Choose from many sessions by Oracle experts and customers that provide you with the information needed to optimally deploy Oracle databases and applications on Sun SPARC Enterprise servers.


Oracle's integrated approach to software and hardware ensures you achieve the highest levels of business agility from the application to the archive. The Storage track provides you with information on how to reduce costs and complexity, gain greater insight into data usage, accelerate your applications, and protect your IT investments for the future. The Storage track will show you how to leverage standards-based, integrated, Oracle-supported storage solutions. This track also explores Oracle's comprehensive product portfolio of array, unified, tape, and Flash storage and addresses how to utilize backup, recovery, and archive to meet the cost and protection needs of your Oracle data. Join us to learn more about why Oracle runs best on Sun.

SunFire x86 Clustered Systems

What's new in the world of Oracle's Sun x86 servers? What is Oracle's strategy for x86 servers in appliances, purpose-built clusters, clustered enterprise solutions, and clouds? How can these solutions help you achieve better business results, reduce complexity, and lower total cost of ownership? How do Sun x86 servers integrate with Oracle's Sun enterprise cluster networking, Sun open storage, Oracle Database, and Oracle Fusion Middleware to deliver optimized scale-up, scale-out, and virtualized solutions that provide both performance and flexibility for enterprise, cloud, and high-performance computing workloads? The Sun x86 Servers track at Oracle OpenWorld will address these and many other questions. You will hear from Oracle's technology leaders, learn from customer case studies, and share best practices with industry and applications experts to enable your organization to maximize results with minimum effort.


Oracle offers the industry's most comprehensive desktop-to-data center virtualization solutions with integrated management and support from applications to disk. In the Virtualization track, discover Oracle's unique, application-centric approach to virtualization, which delivers benefits above and beyond consolidation and green IT by focusing on rapid deployment and simplified management of enterprise applications with Oracle VM Templates and more. Find out about Oracle's highly optimized and integrated hardware and software virtualization solutions, including roadmaps for products such as Oracle VM Server for x86, Oracle VM Server for SPARC (Logical Domains), Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Sun Ray Client and Sun Ray Software, Oracle Secure Global Desktop, Oracle VM VirtualBox, and Oracle Solaris Containers. Join Oracle's virtualization experts, customers, and partners, and discover how your organization can benefit.
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Oracle OpenWorld - December 13-16, 2010
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