JAVAONE China 2013.

JavaOne Shanghai 2013 Call for Papers

The JavaOne Shanghai 2013 Call for Papers is now closed.

Note that the JavaOne Call for Papers tool will time you out after 15 minutes of inactivity (based on the oldest inactive tool window). Browsers supported: Internet Explorer 8 and 9, Firefox 3.6 and higher, Chrome 15.x, Safari 5.1.

Tips and Guidelines

Tips and Guidelines

The following information provides general guidelines for submitting papers for JavaOne Shanghai 2013. Providing such information does not guarantee that a submission will be accepted by the conference review committee.

General Tips

  • The session title should be descriptive of the content and use common keywords. An example of a useful title: Balancing Replication and Partitioning in a Distributed Java Database. An example of a not-so-useful title: JavaFX and You.
  • Write an abstract that is easy to read and describes the value of the presentation. Do explicitly mention what is being discussed during the session rather than making a marketing or strategy pitch. For example, include mention of a product demonstration, case study, customer/partner participation, quantitative facts, etc.
  • Use the present tense in session descriptions. For example, "In this session, hear how a leading utilities company uses Java EE to..."
  • Do not use first person (I, our, we).
  • Do not include proprietary or confidential material.
  • The submitter must secure necessary permissions for use of proposed presentation materials before submitting.
  • Oracle reserves the right to edit all content. Abbreviated product names and unacceptable acronyms will be spelled out in the editing process and will count towards character limits.
  • Standard presentations will be 60 minutes. We suggest allocating 10 minutes for a question and answer (Q&A) period within that timeframe. Please note Hands-on Labs (HOLs) may differ in timing.
  • It is not necessary to submit multiple entries on the same topic; all submissions will be reviewed centrally. For example, do not submit the same entry as a customer and then as a user group member.
  • Verify your contact and content information before submitting.

Tips for Titles and Abstracts

  • Observe the character counts for session titles and abstracts. Session titles are limited to a maximum of 80 characters, including spaces (approximately 12 to 17 words, on average). Session abstracts are limited to a maximum of 750 characters, including spaces.
  • You must use the full Oracle product name at all times.
  • You may not create acronyms or abbreviations of Oracle product names.
  • In general, you may not use acronyms in session titles and must spell out acronyms at first use in abstracts. Because of restricted title and session length, some widely accepted industry acronyms are acceptable. Unacceptable acronyms will be spelled out in the edit process and will count towards the character limits in titles and abstracts.