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JavaOne Shanghai 2013 Call for Papers

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Program Policies

Content Program Policies

  • Speakers whose submissions are accepted will receive a complimentary pass to the event for which their submission is accepted. This complimentary pass provides access to all JavaOne sessions. (Note that Oracle employee speakers receive an employee pass, which has different access rules than the complimentary pass.)
  • Acceptance of the complimentary pass must be in compliance with the policies of your employer, including conflict of interest, ethics, and gift policies. The complimentary pass will be canceled if the session is canceled or replaced.
  • The complimentary pass is limited to one pass per speaker and is not transferable.
  • Oracle does not reimburse speakers for travel and expenses. Speakers are responsible for any applicable taxes, customs duties, or other expenses related to acceptance of the complimentary pass.
  • All submissions must include at least one speaker in order to be considered.
  • Do not include proprietary or confidential material. Submitter is responsible for obtaining the necessary permission to use such material.
  • Oracle reserves the right to edit session information for clarity, length, and style and to ensure correct use of Oracle product names (Oracle product names must not be truncated or abbreviated, for example). See the Tips and Guidelines section for more information.
  • All deadlines must be met. Any requests received after the deadline may not be approved, and any missed deadlines can result in session cancellation.
  • Oracle reserves the right to cancel a session or speaker as necessary.
  • Oracle cannot release information about attendees. This is in accordance with Oracle's privacy policy.
  • By submitting your content to the JavaOne Shanghai 2013 conference, you authorize Oracle to promote, publish, display, and/or disseminate the content submitted to Oracle—including your name and likeness—for use associated with the JavaOne Shanghai 2013 conference.
  • Invited speakers will be required to review and respond to the Speaker Consent Form. A copy of the speaker consent form is provided below.

JavaOne Shanghai 2013 Speaker Consent Form

On behalf of myself and my company/organization which is designated below ("Organization"), and in consideration of my participation in any of these events: Oracle OpenWorld Shanghai 2013, JavaOne Shanghai 2013, Oracle PartnerNetwork Exchange Shanghai 2013, and The Executive Edge Shanghai 2013, which are scheduled to take place July 22 – 25, 2013 in Shanghai (the “Event”), I grant Oracle, its designated contractors, and its subsidiaries and affiliates under common control ("Oracle") the following permissions in connection with the Event:

  1. Permission to make sound and visual recordings of any and all presentation(s) I give in relation to the Event (“Presentation”) on film, tape, disk, and/or other forms of media, whether in analog or digital format (the "Recordings").
  2. Permission to use and distribute my name, voice, biographic material, likeness, and portrait (hereinafter collectively referred to as my "Likeness") in connection with my Presentation or the Recordings, for the purpose of publicizing or promoting my Presentation(s) at/participation in the Event.
  3. Permission to use, copy, translate, reformat, edit, broadcast, publish, perform, promote, distribute, digitize, transmit, make derivative works based upon, and/or display all or parts of my Presentation, the Recordings, a transcript of the Recordings, and any Presentation materials that I provide to Oracle and use in connection with my Presentation, including without limitation any written speeches, visual aids, or other visual or written materials used, performed, displayed, and/or provided by me in connection with the Presentation (the "Presentation Materials"). This includes, without limitation, the right to make and distribute a DVD, CD, flash memory card, memory stick, PC card, audio tape video tape, and/or other recording of the Event proceedings that contains the Recordings and Presentation Materials, the right to distribute the Presentation Materials via download from Oracle’s affiliated Websites, and the right to distribute, display, broadcast, rebroadcast, and reproduce my Presentation, in any and all media existing now or later developed, as part of Event proceedings and archives that Oracle makes available on its Website or elsewhere. Any such use must be in connection with the Event or future versions of the Event, and must not be misleading or reflect negatively on my Organization or me.
  4. Permission to incorporate the Presentation Materials into the Recordings, in whole or in part.

I understand that neither my Organization nor I will receive any compensation for granting these permissions. Oracle has no obligation to use or record and is not granted any other permissions or rights with respect to my Likeness, my Presentation, the Recordings, or the Presentation Materials. Oracle reserves the right to cancel a session or speaker at the Event if necessary.

I represent and warrant that I have the right to the Presentation and Presentation Materials except any Presentation Materials listed herein, that the publication of this Presentation and Presentation Materials will not infringe on the patent, trademark, copyright rights of others, nor is it slanderous, libelous, or an invasion of any person’s right of privacy or publicity. I further represent and warrant that I have full power to grant this license to Oracle.

I have read and understand the provisions above, and I (a) confirm that I am the person named in this consent form and (b) grant this permission and agree to the terms and conditions set forth above on behalf of my Organization and myself.