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Tuesday, July 23


Java Strategy / Technical Keynote

The future course for modern-day living—in both the enterprise business world and the consumer arena—is being positively influenced by the ongoing innovation and value of Java. From enterprise application development to cloud computing to embedded machine-to-machine systems, Java continues to drive the applications and devices that enrich our interactivity with the world around us. In the Java Strategy and Technical keynotes, Oracle's Java engineering luminaries will provide a glimpse of the future showcasing the vast opportunities that Java provides, as well as detail Oracle’s continued commitment to, stewardship of, and investment in Java technology.

Java Strategy Keynote Speakers

Cameron Purdy

Cameron Purdy, Vice President, Cloud Application Foundation, Oracle
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Cameron Purdy is a vice president of development at Oracle, responsible for the Java EE platform, web server, and application server products. Prior to joining Oracle, Purdy was the CEO of Tangosol. He has been working with Java and Java-related technology since 1996, regularly participates in industry standards development, and is a specification lead for the Java Community Process. As a software visionary and industry leader, Purdy is a frequent presenter at industry conferences. He has received a number of awards in recognition of his contribution to the Java community, including being named three times as a Java Rock Star, and being recognized in TheServerSide's "Who's Who in Enterprise Java".

Nandini Ramani

Nandini Ramani, Vice President of Engineering, Java Client and Embedded Platforms, Oracle Read Full Bio

Nandini Ramani is vice president of engineering, Java client, and mobile platforms at Oracle. Her current focus includes driving JavaFX and the client platform and tools for Java, JavaME, and Java Card.

Ramani has a long history of creating innovation and futures at Sun Microsystems. She has been actively involved in JavaFX since its inception in 2007, and launched the platform and tools.

Prior to joining the client group, Ramani worked in the Office of the Software CTO, driving the emerging technologies group for incubation projects. Having worked in the hardware architecture and simulation team in the Accelerated Graphics group as well as the graphics and media team for JavaME, her background includes both hardware and software. Ramani was involved in the development of XML standards as co-chair of the W3C Scalable Vector Graphics working group, and as a member of the W3C Compound Document Formats working group. She was also a member of several graphics- and UI-related expert groups in the Java Community Process.

You can follow her on Twitter at: @eyeseewaters

Peter Utzschneider

Peter Utzschneider, Vice President, Java Product Management, Oracle
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Peter Utzschneider is responsible for the market strategy for Java SE, JavaFX, Java ME, and Oracle Java Embedded products. His focus is on the commercial success of Java products, vibrancy of the worldwide Java community, and Oracle's ongoing commitment to the Java language and technology.

For more than 20 years Utzschneider has been successfully marketing and selling best-of-breed software solutions in Europe and the US by leveraging his ability to translate early market demand into broader market adoption. Utzschneider joined Oracle when it acquired Tangosol, where he was the vice president of marketing. At Oracle he continued to grow the success of Oracle Coherence data grid products, the industry's leading data grid solution and a key component of Oracle Fusion Middleware.

Java Technical Keynote Speakers

Stephen Chin

Stephen Chin, Java Technology Ambassador and JavaOne Content Chair, Oracle Read Full Bio

Stephen Chin is a Java evangelist at Oracle specializing in UI technology, and is co-author of Pro JavaFX Platform 2, which is the leading technical reference for JavaFX. He has been featured at Java conferences around the world including Devoxx, CodeMash, OSCON, J-Fall, GeeCON, Jazoon, and JavaOne, where he twice received a Java Rock Star award. As the JavaOne Content Chair Chin directs and manages the content evaluation and selection for JavaOne. In his evenings and on weekends, Chin is an open-source hacker, working on projects including ScalaFX, a DSL for JavaFX in the Scala language; Visage, a UI-oriented JVM language; JFXtras, a JavaFX component and extension library; and Apropos, an Agile Project Portfolio scheduling tool written in JavaFX. Chin can be followed on Twitter @steveonjava and reached via his blog

Arun Gupta

Arun Gupta, Java EE Technology Evangelist, Oracle Read Full Bio

Arun Gupta is a Java evangelist working at Oracle. Gupta has over 15 years of experience in the software industry working on the Java Platform and several Web-related technologies. In his current role, he works to create and foster the community around Java EE, GlassFish, and WebLogic. Gupta has been with the Java EE team since its inception and contributed to all releases. He has extensive worldwide speaking experience on a myriad of topics and loves to engage with the community, customers, partners, and Java User Groups everywhere to spread the goodness of Java.

Gupta is a prolific blogger at, with over 1,300 blog entries. His blog gets frequent visitors and comments from around the globe. Gupta is a passionate runner and always up for running in any part of the world.

You can catch him on Twitter at @arungupta.

Simon Ritter

Simon Ritter, Java Technology Evangelist, Oracle Read Full Bio

Simon Ritter is a Java technology evangelist at Oracle. Ritter has been in the IT business since 1984 and holds a BS in physics from Brunel University in the U.K.

Originally working in the area of UNIX development for AT&T UNIX System Labs and then Novell, Ritter moved to Sun in 1996. At this time he started working with Java technology and has spent time working both in Java technology development and consultancy. Having moved to Oracle as part of the Sun acquisition, he now focuses on the core Java platform and Java for client applications. Ritter also continues to develop demonstrations that push the boundaries of Java for applications like gestural interfaces.

Follow him on Twitter at @speakjava, and on his blog at

Jim Weaver

Jim Weaver, Consulting Member of Technical Staff, Oracle Read Full Bio

James L. (Jim) Weaver is a Java and JavaFX developer, author, and speaker with a passion for helping rich-client Java and JavaFX become preferred technologies for new application development. Weaver has authored or coauthored several books, including Inside Java (New Riders Pub), Beginning J2EE (Wrox Press), and Pro JavaFX 2 (Apress). His professional background includes 15 years as a systems architect at EDS, and the same number of years as an independent developer. As a Java Evangelist at Oracle, Weaver speaks internationally at software technology conferences. He blogs at, tweets @javafxpert, and may be reached via e-mail at