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Oracle PartnerNetwork Exchange Shanghai 2013 Tracks

Applications for Partners

Oracle Applications provide complete choice and a secure path for customers to benefit from the latest technology advances. In this track, learn how Oracle also offers flexibility in how partners deliver these solutions to their customers, be it through public cloud, private cloud, or on premises via an optimized solution.

Cloud for Partners

Oracle Cloud gives partners complete flexibility in how they deploy solutions to customers. In this track, learn about opportunities for partners to build revenue streams by delivering Oracle Cloud-based services, building clouds for customers, and taking part in resale or referral programs.

Engineered Systems and Hardware for Partners

The massive growth in engineered systems adoption in the Asia Pacific region and the release of new versions of the SPARC range present some great opportunities for partners to build businesses around Oracle engineered systems and hardware offerings. Learn how Oracle's investment in building complete, optimized solutions can help partners solve their customers' business problems.

Oracle PartnerNetwork Program

The Oracle PartnerNetwork program offers incredible opportunity through its Specialized program, which allows partners to be recognized by Oracle and preferred by customers. In this track, discover how to leverage your Oracle PartnerNetwork membership to activate your partnership with Oracle. Learn why and how to become resale-authorized, explore the value of specialization, and get program updates that improve the value of your partnership with Oracle.

Technology and Middleware for Partners

The Oracle ecosystem offers wide-ranging opportunities for partners to provide additional functionality and optimization—either through the addition of options or through middleware solutions. The Oracle install base also represents an excellent chance for partners to build Oracle Optimized Solutions to ensure their customers are achieving optimum performance on Oracle hardware. And the newest release of the Oracle Database, with compelling new features that make it extremely suitable for building clouds, will offer excellent upgrade opportunities. Attend sessions in this track to learn how to take advantage of these opportunities and more.

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