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Cloud computing now gives organizations access to large grids of commodity computers within their own data centres of networked servers and in public cloud infrastructure services. In the era of big data, the cloud offers a potential self-service consumption model for data analytics. Both cloud computing and big data analytics are extensions of virtualization technologies and grid computing models, making the cloud an agile data platform support the business at a cost significantly less than traditional data platforms.

Join Intel, the company that makes the technologies that underpin your data center infrastructure—servers, networking, storage, databases, and data warehouses—to understand how they can help make big data analytics work for you by delivering optimized technology built to scale for big data analytics projects, helping you advance your new big data analytics projects faster, and addressing tomorrow’s challenges with a vision to enable businesses to derive real meaning from data and provide real business opportunity.

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Fun Facts About Intel

Intel History:

  • 1997 Intel BunnyPeople televised debut
  • 2001 Intel® Xeon® Processor launches
  • 2002 Intel Hyper-Threading Technology
  • 2004 40th Anniversary of Moore's Law
  • 2006 First quad-core processors
  • Intel and Oracle: ORCL and INTC engagement begins 1993
  • Exadata launches on Intel Xeon in 2010
  • Oracle DB 11gR2 supports AES-NI
  • Oracle leverages Intel IPP
  • Oracle DB 11g on Intel SSD = 43% faster
  • AES-NI & THE ENTERPRISE: Oracle DB 11g takes advantage of Intel AES-NI for greater solution performance & heightened security
  • ORACLE DB FIREWALL & XEON: Powered by Intel® Xeon® Processor, Oracle Database Firewall is the first line of defense for databases.


The 20-year collaborative engineering relationship between Oracle and Intel results in customers getting a fine-tuned solution stack.

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We're driven to make a difference in people's lives today, helping build new paths to a better tomorrow. Learn more about our worldwide efforts.

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Through donations, grants, volunteers, & disaster relief, Intel provides communities worldwide with technology and support they need to thrive.

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Technology and sustainability go hand in hand and Intel is looking toward the future in everything we do; learn about our sustainability plans.

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