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Maximize the value of your cloud applications.

Modern IT organizations are increasingly embracing cloud solutions to deliver higher-value services to the business, driving faster innovation and insight across the business for real transformational change. These advantages do not come without concerns about security, data privacy and residency, integration, performance, and data access. Successful evolution to an architecture based on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) requires both an understanding of the business and risk benefits of SaaS solutions and the ability to maximize the value of your existing IT investments.

Learn how to:

  • Evaluate, deploy, and manage an increasingly SaaS-based architecture
  • Connect best-of-breed technologies with best practices
  • Reduce risk, save time, and lower costs
  • Become more agile and deliver faster innovation to the business

Track Details

  • Driving IT Innovation in the New World of SaaS

    The new world of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has made a dramatic impact on CIOs and IT leaders today—asking us to rethink basic questions of how we secure, manage, integrate, collaborate, and gain insights into our applications. While cloud promises to deliver more value, it comes with new challenges and new risks. Join this session to learn about Oracle's cloud strategy, the business benefits of adopting SaaS solutions, and guidance on how to successfully avert the pitfalls of moving to the cloud while continuing to get value from your existing Oracle investments.
  • Best Practices for Integrating Oracle Cloud Applications

    Integration complexity has been credited as being the single biggest IT obstacle for cloud adoption. Attend this session to see how Oracle customers have broken through the integration quagmire and streamlined cloud applications to work with their existing IT. Hear best practices for how to simplify integration of Oracle cloud applications, develop a unified view across multiple applications, and increase business agility for new cloud services. Finally, learn how to develop more business value by exploiting cloud apps not just within a narrow departmental silo but enterprisewide.
  • Oracle Cloud Security and Regulatory Compliance

    Oracle Cloud is second to none when it comes to security and performance. From the physical security in Oracle's global data centers to the logical security Oracle has embedded at every layer of the technology stack, no other vendor has made the investments necessary for delivering confidence in the cloud.

    This session explores how Oracle Cloud delivers world-class security and performance that meets even the most demanding requirements: defense security and encryption at every layer of the tech stack; unified identity management/single sign-on and access control across cloud services; and standardized, best-practice security framework and processes for improved compliance.
  • Simplifying Enterprise Mobility

    Widespread adoption of cloud and mobile technologies has changed the way we live, work, engage, communicate, collaborate, and innovate. The first wave of enterprise mobility was all about quickly delivering mobile apps that required significant integration and ongoing development investments.

    Companies today require enterprise-grade mobility with the same maintainable and secure system architecture that is expected for all applications across the enterprise. In this session, learn how Oracle's mobile platform simplifies application development, allowing enterprises to securely create and deliver more-intuitive and -compelling user experiences across any channel, any device, and any data source.
  • Connect and Collaborate with Oracle Cloud Applications

    To keep up with frontline business needs, CIOs are rolling out more and more enterprise applications in the cloud. But enterprises can’t compete without improved communication between users of these applications and the rest of the company.

    By integrating social capabilities into its Oracle Customer Experience Cloud and Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud applications, Oracle enables enterprises to give their employees a way to communicate using the social methods ubiquitous outside the work environment, improving how business is done.

    Attend this session to see how easily Oracle Social Network Cloud Service can be extended into multiple applications to improve collaboration—whether it is speeding the velocity of sales, assisting with customer service escalations, informing the recruiting process, or helping develop employees.
  • Unlocking the Power of Business Intelligence in Oracle Cloud

    Gaining access to enterprise-ready business intelligence just got easier. With Oracle Business Intelligence as a cloud service, departments are just a few clicks away from self-service reports and dashboards. Come to this session to learn what Oracle offers today and what it plans to deliver in the future.
  • Journey to Cloud Computing:
    How Oracle Can Help You Adopt Oracle Cloud Applications

    In this session, you’ll learn how Oracle's leading customers use reference architectures from Oracle to adopt and integrate Oracle Cloud applications that reduce risk, save time, and lower costs. Whether in a private, hybrid, or public cloud environment, learn how running business applications from Oracle helps accelerate innovation, avoid complexity, and increase productivity.

Content varies by event. Check your local agenda for session details.