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Many businesses are still organized and operate as they did before cloud, before social, before mobile, before big data and analytics arrived. Imagine for a moment what your business would be like if it these technologies were native to your business operations and not an afterthought.

  • How would you re-envision your business model?
  • How would you re-envision your processes, decisions, and experiences?
  • How would you re-envision human resources and how employees are hired, evaluated, and rewarded?
  • How would you re-envision the content of your products and services?

Gain Insight

Keynote addresses explore new possibilities and opportunities for your business.


Focus on your area of expertise in tracks for sales, marketing, customer service, finance and operations, human resources, information technology, and development professionals. Benefit from the experience of others in quick-paced sessions and real-world case studies.


Hands-on demos in the Cloud Showcase let you experience cloud services and solutions.


Network with fellow professionals, solve challenges, and get inspired by success stories.

Oracle Cloud Programs for Partners

The cloud has revolutionized how organizations are leveraging applications to run their business. Oracle has created a robust program to help partners excel in this game-changing movement to cloud computing. Discover how the world's most complete portfolio of applications can deliver an open, flexible way to realize the benefits of moving to the cloud. This session will provide leading-edge best practices and guide you through all the key steps you will need to elevate your business with cloud solutions.

Modernize Sales

Modernize Sales

Sell more, know more, grow more.

Sales organizations are changing rapidly—because they have to. Deals are more competitive, and traditional compensation plans and territory allocation aren’t working. Reps not only need to maximize their time on the road but also need to spend less time on administrative activities and more time selling.

More information is available, but complexity threatens companies’ ability to use it. A modern sales organization can empower your reps to sell more, managers to know more, and your company to grow more.

Learn how to:

  • Build a modern sales organization that leverages the power of analytics and forecasting
  • Gain insight into your customers’ behavior
  • Enable your sales reps to sell on the go
  • Improve sales alignment and effectively manage incentive compensation

Track Details

Modern Sales in the Cloud

In a time when customers call the shots, sales teams need to sell smarter to earn their trust and win their business. The most effective sales organizations are using the latest mobile and social tools, allocating their time on the most productive accounts, building pipelines faster, and collaborating effectively with their deal teams. Learn how customers are using modern sales to grow their business.

Driving Higher Sales Productivity with Mobile Technology

Supporting an on-the-run sales force means more than running CRM on a phone. Mobile tools need to be a natural extension of the selling process. They need to help sell. They need to be easy. Attend this session and learn about the three drivers behind the mobile selling imperative.

Sales Performance Perfected

Sales organizations remain on the hook for top-line growth—but increasing complexity, specialization, and competition for sales talent are changing the what, who, and how of selling. Learn more about how sales performance, perfected for your organization, can help align, motivate, and manage your teams.

Using Analytics to Close More Deals

Is the explosion of customer information and product portfolios helping or hindering your sales organization? Turning trends into repeatable sales cycles demands accurate and timely information into what’s hot and who’s buying what. Attend this session and learn best practices to turn your information into your selling advantage.

Collaborate in Real Time to Sell Faster

Deals are getting more complex, and managing information across your extended account team can take significant time and energy from your reps—time that takes away from their selling activity. Hear best practices on coaching and collaboration to collapse your deal times.

Sell More, Know More, Grow More with Oracle Sales Cloud—New Release Highlights

See how the latest enhancements in Oracle Sales Cloud can help you drive higher sales performance.

Content varies by event. Check your local agenda for session details.

Transform Marketing

Transform Marketing

Know your customer and demonstrate results.

Traditional marketers have long struggled with the challenge of converting from reactive to proactive prospect and customer engagement. Reactive behavior disempowers the marketer and delivers a fragmented experience. Successful modern marketers are transforming digital interactions into a new digital dialogue.

Learn how to:

  • Be proactive with a new, integrated cross-channel digital strategy
  • Leverage customers’ digital access to online research, opinion, and social networks
  • Create engaging conversations and build personal relationships
  • Turn suspects into advocates using behaviors, actionable data, social listening, personas, and personal profiles
  • Foster ideal customers and customer-obsessed marketing cultures

Track Details

The New Digital Dialogue

Traditional marketers have long struggled with the conversion from reactive to proactive prospect and customer engagement. Being reactive disempowers the marketer and delivers a fragmented experience. Modern marketers are transforming digital interactions into a new digital dialogue.

Modern Marketing

Understand digital behaviors that translate into revenue with cross-channel, social, and content marketing solutions to help you communicate relevant content across the customer lifecycle. Take advantage of an open platform and more than 100 integrated application extensions.

Data Management and Activation

Deploy a data management platform to run data-driven solutions that empower teams to deliver more personalized customer experiences across every channel—helping attract and retain ideal customers. Discover how to aggregate, enrich, and analyze your customer data in one place.

Personalized Communication

Learn how to unify marketing resources to create a single, centralized view that will finally provide the insight you need to truly understand how your customers interact with your brand. Discover how to personalize every customer experience to increase engagement, advocacy, and revenue across all of your marketing channels.

Content varies by event. Check your local agenda for session details.

Modernize Customer Service

Modernize Customer Service

Change as fast as your customers do.

Change is happening faster and faster in customer service. A modern approach to customer service requires you to engage customers across multiple channels and devices, empower employees to resolve issues faster, and connect disparate systems to truly know your customer. Leverage the collective experience of your peers and industry experts to help you on your journey to modern customer service whether you want to get going, get better or get ahead.

Learn how to:

  • Engage customers
  • Empower agents
  • Adapt quickly

Track Details

The Path to Modern Customer Service

Join us for a panel on modern customer service where you change as fast as your customers do. Get insight from your peers on strategies and tactics to engage your customers, empower your employees, and adapt quickly to your business demands. Learn how other organizations were able to move along the path to modern customer service and become leaders in service excellence.

Modern Contact Centers

Being a modern contact center means changing at the same pace that your customers do or better yet—faster than they change. This approach requires organizations to move out of reactive mode to anticipating customer needs and proactively serving them. This session will provide real-world advice on topics including multi-channel vs. omni-channel, emerging service channels, and empowering agents.

Customer Case Studies

Hear from Oracle customers on how they have addressed today's customer service challenges to deliver modern customer service. Customer case studies will differ by location so check your local agenda for details.

Digital Transformation in Customer Service

Whether it's sooner or later, every organization can expect its customer service operations to be disrupted digitally. Join this session to learn the signs that you're experiencing digital disruption. Hear experts discuss how you can get ahead by going "digital first" and strategically undertaking your digital evolution.

Customer Journey Mapping Workshops

Have you ever wanted to walk in your customers' shoes to truly understand their experience with your brand? Now is your chance. Journey mapping is a customer-focused, in-demand methodology that allows you to look through your customers' eyes. Learn an outside-in approach to mapping the journeys your customers have with your brand. Uncover Customer Experience challenges and areas that need improvement within your organization. Take away actionable tools to boost key business measures: acquisition, cross-selling, satisfaction, retention and loyalty. You will walk away with ideas to improve the Customer Experience that your organization delivers.

Content varies by event. Check your local agenda for session details.

Modernize HR

Modernize HR

Achieve a talent-centric, collaborative, engaged workforce.

As technology continues to redefine our lives, in and out of the workplace, traditional HR is evolving. While best practices of recent years—enabling self-service, automating processes, and leveraging business intelligence and reporting—haven’t lost their importance, organizations are exploring additional strategies to meet the demands of a competitive global marketplace. Companies that win today are focused on two things: taking care of their employees and taking care of their customers.

The modern HR leader knows that innovation is driven by talent and delivered to customers by informed and engaged employees. So how does this philosophy translate in the workplace? Modern HR is talent-centric, collaborative, insightful, and engaging and mobile. This means using data and analytics not just to understand what’s happening now but also to predict what’s going to happen next; focusing on finding, developing, and retaining the best talent; learning how social can power a modern workforce; and leveraging technology that is easy to use, insightful, inspired by consumer applications, and built to meet the needs of all key HR stakeholders.

Learn how to:

  • Find the best talent through intelligent and social recruiting, grow talent with personalized learning and development, and retain talent by identifying and nurturing your future leaders
  • Provide complete workforce insights to every department so that you can identify and mitigate talent risks, predict performance, align resources to strategy, and set HR benchmarks
  • Build workforce culture and increase collaboration and engagement throughout the organization with social tools

Track Details

Modern HR in the Cloud

A global shortage of qualified labor, low levels of employee engagement, the proliferation of data, and dramatic shifts in the consumer experience have all provided businesses with new opportunities and new challenges. It’s a service-centric economy and it’s not just about customer service—it’s also about taking care of your employees. The need to recruit and retain strong talent, maximize workforce engagement and effectiveness, and provide your workforce with the intelligence to enable data-driven decisions means that the role of HR is more important than ever. Translating modern HR from concept to reality will take a blend of thoughtful strategy and supporting technology. Learn why the four tenets of modern HR—being talent-centric, insightful, collaborative, and mobile and engaging—matter and how you can leverage them to your company’s advantage.

Why Building a Talent-Centric Strategy Is Critical for Your Business

Innovation is driven by talent, so employing the best talent is key to any company’s success. The problem is that while you know that, so do your competitors. And with an increasingly empowered and mobile workforce—one that is easily discoverable via social recruiting—getting the best talent in the door and keeping them there is harder than ever. Learn how you can emerge victorious from the talent wars by building a strategy that is truly talent-centric, leveraging social and intelligent recruiting, a tailored approach to learning and development, and comprehensive and thoughtful talent review and succession planning.

Is Your Organization Able to Make Data-Driven Decisions?

Being a good manager and meeting business objectives means having the facts at hand to make the right decisions. While the insights needed may differ from role to role—a line-of-business leader needs to know who on their team is performing, who’s not, and who’s at risk to leave, while a C-level executive may want to know which market is ripe for expansion—the need for relevant and timely data is a constant throughout the organization. Technology and the massive increase in scale and diversity of people data sets have made this possible and the C-suite is looking to HR to lead the charge. Learn how talent intelligence, predictive analytics, and big data can provide the insight and answers that your company is clamoring for.

How to Provide a User Experience Your Employees Will Love

Shifts in the consumer experience have led to shifts in workplace expectations. Employees want office applications that are inspired by consumer applications—fast, simple, and context-sensitive so that completing work transactions is as easy as buying a book online. They want to be treated as individuals and expect this from their managers and from their technology. Just as a childless adult doesn’t want to be served up a Google ad or e-mail about a sale on diapers, an employee doesn’t want to have to wade through a bunch of irrelevant reports and functions to get to what they need. They want relevant information at their fingertips, when they need it and on the device of their choosing. Learn how you can provide an easy, intuitive, role-based, and mobile user experience that will delight your workforce and lead to fast and enthusiastic adoption of HR applications.

The Benefits of Bringing Social into Your Workplace

People are naturally social creatures and are often more motivated by social reasons than monetary ones. Savvy social media providers have tapped into this and changed the way we interact, affecting everything from how people develop and nurture relationships to how they share opinions and manage their careers. When it comes to the workplace, social recruiting is an obvious example of how things have changed. But it goes beyond that. HR is being asked to facilitate communication and collaboration throughout the organization to increase both employee effectiveness and engagement, and HR leaders are turning to social for help. Learn how you can use social to create a collaborative environment, helping employees connect with colleagues, expand work relationships, give kudos, gain expertise, and share knowledge.

How to Leverage Social Networks to Find the Best Talent

Social has changed the recruiting game. Your reach has expanded and you now have access to a wealth of candidates. But how do you go from hunting for the needle in the haystack that is the ideal recruit to creating a focused and effective social sourcing strategy that gives managers the talent insight they need to best staff their teams? Learn how to use smart social outreach that leverages both employee referrals and your own fans and followers to more easily zero in on quality talent, in less time and for less money than you’d spend using traditional channels.

Dealing with the World’s Steady Decline in Productivity One Workforce at a Time

From America to China to Australia to France, productivity metrics are declining. With organizations facing rising costs and decreases in revenue and employees being the most costly asset many organizations have, there is an imminent problem ahead. Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud is staying on top of the latest technological advances to deliver new innovative workforce management solutions to help you overcome these challenges. Come learn how finally embracing some old tricks of the trade as well as new and future trends such as social collaboration and mobile can help you manage your workforce better than ever and even help you deploy a better talent management strategy.

Content varies by event. Check your local agenda for session details.

Modernize the Back Office

Modernize the Back Office

Drive superior enterprise performance.

Are your back-office systems built to ensure your company’s growth and continued success? Consider that 70% of finance executives believe modern technologies are vital to support growth initiatives or improve competitiveness. Then discover how Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud can help your finance team leverage high-impact technologies, such as big data, mobile, and cloud, to deliver game-changing insights. Join this track and learn how to improve the speed of decision-making, transform how your organization creates value, and empower your workforce to be more effective business partners.

Learn how to:

  • Improve the speed of decision-making with embedded business intelligence
  • Transform how you create value with native collaboration, analytic, and mobile capabilities
  • Empower your workforce with social collaboration and mobile solutions

Track Details

Transform Your Business with a Modern ERP

Are your back-office systems designed to enable your organization’s success? With 84% of CFOs believing that half of their transactions will be delivered through the cloud within the next four years, now is the time to modernize your back-office systems and run your business with dramatically less investment. Join this session to learn why it’s so important for insight to be available for everyone, how to meet the demands of your global enterprise, and where to engage your workforce with social collaboration and mobile solutions.

Control Spend and Deliver Savings

Reducing cost is the #1 priority for procurement leaders according to Hackett Group’s recent study, “2013 Procurement Key Issues.” Oracle Procurement Cloud allows you to uncover and negotiate savings opportunities, streamline your buying processes, reduce your costs, and enforce compliance. Join this session to learn how you can achieve immediate and long-term savings.

Empower Modern Project Management

Managing projects is all about taking charge of your people, budget, and time. With Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud, you can empower your team members to collaborate effectively from conception to delivery, place the best-fit resources on every assignment, and stay on top of performance trends. Join this session to learn how you can supercharge your projects.

Accelerate Your Planning Process

World-class planning and budgeting is now within easy reach of businesses of every size—with no IT infrastructure investments and with minimal IT resources. Streamline your financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting processes at cloud speed with the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud. Find out how you can get off your spreadsheets and drive greater participation and alignment in planning across the enterprise—leading to more-accurate forecasts and profitable growth.

Empowering Finance to Drive Greater Value

Modern finance is a full partner in driving business strategy and focused on serving the business to deliver results. Join this session to see how Oracle Financials Cloud is powering modern finance operations with accelerated finance productivity and serving business managers with streamlined processes and on-demand access to tailored information.

Content varies by event. Check your local agenda for session details.

Innovate More: Evolve IT and Development

Innovate More: Evolve It and Development

Reduce complexity, increase agility, and maximize value.

Cloud technologies are transforming the IT landscape, allowing companies to do more with less while maintaining an edge over competitors. Enterprise IT and independent software vendor (ISV) developers can rapidly build and deploy rich applications—or extend apps—with platform as a service (PaaS). Businesses are running a wide range of workloads in the cloud with infrastructure as a service (IaaS). By evolving key IT and development processes and moving them to the cloud, businesses can reduce complexity and innovate faster than ever.

Learn how to:

  • Accelerate and simplify application development with Oracle Cloud PaaS
  • Extend Oracle Cloud SaaS applications with PaaS to meet your business’s needs
  • Deploy and scale any workload in the cloud with Oracle Cloud IaaS
  • Create seamless integrations between applications in the Oracle Cloud and on-premises

Track Details

Extending Oracle Cloud SaaS Applications with Oracle Cloud PaaS

In this session, you will learn how to extend Oracle Cloud SaaS application functionality by leveraging Oracle Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS). The session will cover platform services such as the database, Java, and developer cloud services that can be leveraged to address common use-cases related to SaaS extensions.

Tame the Cloud Integration Beast

Integration complexity has been credited as being the single biggest IT obstacle for cloud adoption. Attend this session to see how Oracle customers have broken through the integration quagmire and streamlined cloud applications to work with their existing IT. Hear best practices for how to better integrate Oracle Cloud applications using Oracle Integration Cloud Service and Oracle Process Cloud Service, develop a unified view across multiple on-premise applications, and secure services across hybrid cloud deployments using Oracle Identity Management.

Rapidly Build and Deploy Rich Applications with Oracle Cloud PaaS

Today's developers want platforms that make innovation faster, less complex, and more efficient. Get an overview of Oracle Cloud's easy-to-use, enterprise-grade, and open standards-based platform services. Learn how you can transform the development experience and quickly build applications in the cloud using the tools and techniques developers love and already use today.

Unlocking Innovation in the New World of SaaS

The new world of software as a service (SaaS) has made a dramatic impact on CIOs and IT leaders today—asking us to rethink basic questions of how we secure, manage, integrate, extend, and gain insights into our applications. While cloud promises to deliver more value and unlock more innovation, it comes with new challenges and new risks. Join this session to learn about Oracle's platform as a service (PaaS) cloud strategy and get the latest on Oracle’s latest PaaS offerings, including database, Java, mobile, integration, BPM, documents, and BI. Finally, learn about the business benefits of adopting SaaS solutions, and hear guidance on how to successfully avert the pitfalls of moving to the cloud while continuing to get more value from your existing Oracle investments.

Rethink Mobile Beyond Mobile-First

Digital transformations are everywhere and mobile is the core component. Mobile transformations are everywhere, across all industries in companies of all sizes. Mobile has been around for over a decade now, so what have we learned? We know that access to relevant information, anywhere and anytime, is expected yet connecting to back-end systems and securing the corporate data is both complex and a necessity. Unlike all other technology trends in the past, with mobile, accelerated agility trumps perfection. Until now enterprises have approached mobile tactically but this needs to change. Thus should we continue to look at mobile as another tactical investment? Or is it time we rethink enterprise mobility and think beyond a mobile-first strategy? Learn how you can achieve a mobile-plus strategy and rethink your enterprise mobility.

Oracle Cloud Security and Regulatory Compliance

Oracle Cloud is second to none when it comes to security and performance. From the physical security in Oracle's global data centers to the logical security Oracle has embedded at every layer of the technology stack, no other vendor has made the investments necessary for delivering confidence in the cloud. This session explores how Oracle Cloud delivers world-class security and performance that meet even the most demanding requirements: defense security and encryption at every layer of the tech stack; unified identity management/single sign-on and access control across cloud services; and standardized, best-practice security framework and processes for improved compliance.

Unlocking the Power of Business Intelligence in Oracle Cloud

Gaining access to enterprise-ready business intelligence just got easier. With Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service, departments are just a few clicks away from self-service reports and dashboards. Understand how Oracle BI Cloud Service fosters a new partnership between IT and business users to ensure that both parties are getting what they need from their business intelligence platform–from security and reliability to simplicity and managing your own insights. Come to this session to learn more about this exciting new Oracle offering.

Manage Your Content–From Anywhere, Everywhere

Tired of sharing e-mail attachments or having to FTP those large files with your customers and colleagues? Ready for a new, secure, collaborative way to manage documents? Experience document sync and sharing, with access from your desktop, mobile phone, and tablet devices. Increase your productivity by continuing to work offline, such as when traveling on a plane, and sync right back up with the most-up-to-date files when you’re online again. Share documents with customers, partners, and others external to your organization.

Innovate with Oracle’s Public Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Services

Oracle Cloud delivers the broadest selection of enterprise-grade public cloud solutions, including software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Attend this session for an overview of Oracle's strategy for public cloud PaaS and IaaS. This session includes demos and customer showcases illustrating features and benefits of utilizing Oracle Cloud platform and infrastructure services.

Run Any Workload in the Cloud with Oracle Cloud IaaS

In this session, you'll learn about Oracle Cloud's infrastructure as a service (IaaS) offerings. See how you can leverage Oracle Compute Cloud Service to "lift and shift" workloads to the public cloud. You will also learn how you can leverage Oracle Storage Cloud Service, a reliable and secure object storage solution to address your enterprise storage needs.

Market Your Applications and Services in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace

In this session, you will learn about Oracle’s cloud application marketplace. With the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, Oracle's ISV partners gain an invaluable distribution channel for their applications that extend Oracle Cloud's SaaS applications. Learn how Oracle Cloud Marketplace helps partners generate demand by enabling Oracle's customers to easily browse, evaluate, and install their trusted business applications.

Content varies by event. Check your local agenda for session details.

Special Sessions and Programs

The Modern Customer Experience

Social Session

Social + Modern Customer Experiences

Businesses today have moved from using social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as merely a means to broadcast content to really listening, mining, and understanding the social data to provide stronger insights that help deliver a better, more personalized and engaging customer experience across all customer touch points. That is a modern customer experience. Social has grown up and is proving its worth across more than just marketing, extending insights and benefits across nearly every aspect of the business including service, sales, commerce, product development, and more. Today businesses must have social woven into fabric of daily business operations from marketing and sales, to service and development, to employee communications and collaboration.

Oracle Cloud Programs for Partners

Oracle Cloud Programs for Partners

The cloud has revolutionized how organizations are leveraging applications to run their business. Oracle has created a robust program to help partners excel in this game-changing movement to cloud computing. Discover how the world's most complete portfolio of applications can deliver an open, flexible way to realize the benefits of moving to the cloud. This session will provide leading-edge best practices and guide you through all the key steps you will need to elevate your business with cloud solutions.

Oracle Cloud Strategy for Public Sector

Oracle Cloud Strategy for Public Sector

As government relies on innovative ways to do more under restricted budget and resources, cloud computing has emerged as a “go-to” solution. To realize the true potential of the cloud including reduced costs, modernization, and improved service delivery, organizations require a complete solution that is purpose-built for government and meets the industry’s unique security requirements.

Oracle has responded to government’s requirement for a unique, dedicated cloud by launching Oracle Government Cloud, a comprehensive, flexible, and cost-effective suite of cloud applications and solutions that will give government agencies more agility and options to manage operations and deliver constituent services. Participate in the session to hear about the vision for Oracle Government Cloud, which spans infrastructure as a service (IaaS) to software as a service (SaaS) allowing agencies to transition and transform to the cloud without compromising security, performance, or reliability.

You will learn how Oracle’s unique and integrated approach to running government operations in the cloud can help organizations like yours:

  • Ensure consistent, flexible and multichannel service delivery to customers and employees
  • Harness the power of the cloud to become more social, efficient, and sustainable
  • Increase information transparency by seamlessly exchanging data between all city and community stakeholders
  • Accelerate intelligence-led planning, budgeting, and procurement through harmonized back-office processes
  • Connect systems and services to ensure the right information is delivered at the right time to the right customer