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Modernize Customer Service

Change as fast as your customers do.

Change is happening faster and faster in customer service. A modern approach to customer service requires you to engage customers across multiple channels and devices, empower employees to resolve issues faster, and connect disparate systems to truly know your customer. Leverage the collective experience of your peers and industry experts to help you on your journey to modern customer service whether you want to get going, get better or get ahead.

Learn how to:

  • Engage customers
  • Empower agents
  • Adapt quickly

Track Details

  • The Path to Modern Customer Service

    Join us for a panel on modern customer service where you change as fast as your customers do. Get insight from your peers on strategies and tactics to engage your customers, empower your employees, and adapt quickly to your business demands. Learn how other organizations were able to move along the path to modern customer service and become leaders in service excellence.
  • Modern Contact Centers

    Being a modern contact center means changing at the same pace that your customers do or better yet—faster than they change. This approach requires organizations to move out of reactive mode to anticipating customer needs and proactively serving them. This session will provide real-world advice on topics including multi-channel vs. omni-channel, emerging service channels, and empowering agents.
  • Customer Case Studies

    Hear from Oracle customers on how they have addressed today's customer service challenges to deliver modern customer service. Customer case studies will differ by location so check your local agenda for details.
  • Digital Transformation in Customer Service

    Whether it's sooner or later, every organization can expect its customer service operations to be disrupted digitally. Join this session to learn the signs that you're experiencing digital disruption. Hear experts discuss how you can get ahead by going "digital first" and strategically undertaking your digital evolution.
  • Customer Journey Mapping Workshops

    Have you ever wanted to walk in your customers' shoes to truly understand their experience with your brand? Now is your chance. Journey mapping is a customer-focused, in-demand methodology that allows you to look through your customers' eyes. Learn an outside-in approach to mapping the journeys your customers have with your brand. Uncover Customer Experience challenges and areas that need improvement within your organization. Take away actionable tools to boost key business measures: acquisition, cross-selling, satisfaction, retention and loyalty. You will walk away with ideas to improve the Customer Experience that your organization delivers.

Content varies by event. Check your local agenda for session details.