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Modernize HR

Drive an HR strategy that is talent-centric, collaborative, insightful, engaging and mobile.

As technology continues to redefine our lives, in and out of the workplace, traditional HR is evolving. While best practices of recent years—enabling self service, automating processes and leveraging business intelligence and reporting—haven’t lost their importance, organizations are exploring additional strategies to meet the demands of a competitive global marketplace. Companies that win today are focused on two things: taking care of their employees and taking care of their customers. This makes the role of HR more important than ever.

The modern HR leader knows that innovation is driven by talent. And how that innovation is delivered to customers—who with their purchase decisions can make or break a company—is driven by informed and engaged employees. So how does this philosophy translate in the workplace? Modern HR is talent-centric, collaborative, insightful, and engaging and mobile. This means using data and analytics not just to understand what’s happening now but also to predict what’s going to happen next; focusing on finding, developing and retaining the best talent; learning how social can power a modern workforce; and leveraging technology that is easy to use, insightful, inspired by consumer applications and built to meet the needs of all key HR stakeholders. With this approach, the modern HR leader will be a key player in their company’s success.

Learn how to:

  • Find the best talent through intelligent and social recruiting, grow talent with personalized learning and development, and retain talent by identifying and nurturing your future leaders
  • Provide complete workforce insights to every department so you can identify and mitigate talent risks, predict performance, align resources to strategy, and set HR benchmarks
  • Build workforce culture and increase collaboration and engagement throughout the organization with social tools

Track Details

  • Modern HR in the Cloud

    A global shortage of qualified labor, low levels of employee engagement, the proliferation of data, and dramatic shifts in the consumer experience have all provided businesses with new opportunities and new challenges. It’s a service-centric economy and it’s not just about customer service—it’s also about taking care of your employees. The need to recruit and retain strong talent, maximize workforce engagement and effectiveness, and provide your workforce with the intelligence to enable data-driven decisions mean that the role of HR is more important than ever.

    Translating modern HR from concept to reality will take a blend of thoughtful strategy and supporting technology. Learn why the four tenets of modern HR—being talent-centric, insightful, collaborative, and mobile and engaging—matter and how you can leverage them to your company’s advantage.
  • Building a Talent-Centric Strategy: How to Find, Develop and Retain the Best

    Innovation is driven by talent so employing the best talent is key to any company’s success. The problem is that while you know that, so do your competitors. And with an increasingly empowered and mobile workforce—one that is easily discoverable via social recruiting—getting the best talent in the door and keeping them there is harder than ever. Learn how you can emerge victorious from the talent wars by building a strategy that is truly talent-centric, leveraging social and intelligent recruiting, a tailored approach to learning and development, and comprehensive and thoughtful talent review and succession planning.
  • Insightful Leadership: Using Intelligence to Power Decision Making

    Being a good manager and meeting business objectives means having the facts at hand to make the right decisions. While the insights needed may differ from role to role—a line of business leader needs to know who on their team is performing, who’s not and who’s at risk to leave, while a C-level executive may want to know which market is ripe for expansion—the need for relevant and timely data is a constant throughout the organization.

    Technology and the massive increase in scale and diversity of people data-sets have made this possible and the C-suite is looking to HR to lead the charge. Learn how talent intelligence, predictive analytics and big data can provide the insight and answers that your company is clamoring for.
  • Providing an Engaging and Mobile User Experience

    Shifts in the consumer experience have led to shifts in workplace expectations. Employees want office applications that are inspired by consumer applications—fast, simple and context-sensitive so completing work transactions is as easy as buying a book online. They want to be treated as individuals and expect this from their managers and from their technology.

    Just as a childless adult doesn’t want to be served up a Google ad or email about a sale on diapers, an employee doesn’t want to have to wade through a bunch of irrelevant reports and functions to get to what they need. They want relevant information at their fingertips, when they need it and on the device of their choosing. Learn how you can provide an easy, intuitive, role-based and mobile user experience that will delight your workforce and lead to fast and enthusiastic adoption of HR applications.
  • Social Sourcing: Your Gateway to the Best and Brightest Talent

    Social has changed the recruiting game. Your reach has expanded and you now have access to a wealth of candidates. But how do you go from hunting for the needle in the haystack that is the ideal recruit to creating a focused and effective social sourcing strategy that gives managers the talent insight they need to best staff their teams? Learn how to use smart social outreach that leverages both employee referrals and your own fans and followers to more easily zero in on quality talent, in less time and for less money than you’d spend using traditional channels.
  • Dealing With the World's Steady Decline in Productivity

    One Workforce at a Time From America, to China, to Australia, to France, productivity metrics are declining. With organizations facing rising costs and decreases in revenue and employees being the most costly asset many organizations have, there is an imminent problem ahead. Oracle Cloud HCM is staying on top of the latest technological advances to deliver new innovative Workforce Management solutions to help you overcome these challenges. Come learn how finally embracing some old tricks of the trade as well as new and future trends such as social collaboration and mobile can help you manage your workforce better than ever and even help you deploy a better talent management strategy.

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