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Modernize Sales

Build an agile sales organization that is insight driven, collaborative, mobile, and productive.

Sales organizations are changing rapidly—because they have to. Deals are more competitive, and traditional compensation plans and territory allocation aren’t working. Reps not only need to maximize their time on the road but also need to spend less time on administrative activities and more time selling. More information is available, but complexity threatens companies' ability to use it. A modern sales organization can empower your reps to sell more, managers to know more, and your company to grow more.

Learn how to:

  • Build a modern sales organization that leverages the power of analytics and forecasting
  • Gain insight into your customers behavior
  • Enable your sales reps to sell on the go
  • Improve sales alignment and effectively manage incentive compensation

Track Details

  • The Time for Smarter Selling Is Now

    In a time when customers call the shots, making the sale and winning repeat business means sales has to be on its game and selling smarter. It’s about getting more from reps and giving more back to help them sell on the go, making business calls based on reality not gut, and harnessing the power of information and social channels to know more and sell more effectively. Learn more about smarter selling in this session.
  • The Mobile Selling Imperative

    Supporting an on-the-run sales force means more than running CRM on a phone. Mobile tools need to be a natural extension of the selling process. They need to help sell. They need to be easy. Attend this session and learn about the three drivers behind the mobile selling imperative.
  • Sales Performance Perfected

    Sales organizations remain on the hook for topline growth—but increasing complexity, specialization, and competition for sales talent are changing the what, who, and how of selling. Learn more about how sales performance, perfected for your organization, can help align, motivate, and manage your teams.
  • Know What to Sell and Who's Buying

    Is the explosion of customer information and product portfolios helping or hindering your sales organization? Turning trends into repeatable sales cycles demands accurate and timely information into what’s hot and who’s buying what. Attend this session and learn three best practices you can adopt to turn your information into your selling advantage.

Content varies by event. Check your local agenda for session details.