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Transform Marketing

Know Your Customer and Demonstrate Results.

The age of modern marketing has arrived: marketing has evolved to the digital age, in which metrics and measurements are prioritized and alignment finally can be achieved between sales and marketing lead management. Cloud technology facilitates greater access to customer information, enabling you to have greater top-line revenue and return on your company's marketing investment. A modern marketing approach—with the right mix of process technology (science) and creative content (art)—can transform your business.

Learn how to:

  • Improve marketing campaign results by leveraging digital body language and real-time data
  • Align marketing and sales lead-management practices
  • Leverage digital technologies to better know your buyer

Track Details

  • How Modern Marketing Works

    Today’s marketers are part of an exciting industry transformation. As marketing has evolved to the digital age in which metrics and measurement are prioritized, the concept of the modern marketer has arrived. This session highlights the tenets of modern marketing for knowing buyers, engaging audiences, and driving revenue. Learn how digital body language, together with Oracle’s marketing customer experience solutions, can deliver more-personalized customer experiences while improving marketing’s bottom line.
  • Creating Die-Hard Fans:
    Building Long-Term Customer Relationships Through Personalized Targeting and Engagement

    Learn how to segment and engage your audiences, whether they are suspects, prospects, or already true believers. Use their digital body language to deliver timely and relevant messaging to provide a better customer experience and a better return on your marketing investment.
  • Crush Your Conversion:
    Take the Friction from Your Sales Funnel and Realize True Marketing ROI

    This session covers tactics you can use marketing automation tools to enhance prospect-to-customer conversion. You will also learn how advanced analytics can help you better understand your marketing investment and influence on revenue.
  • Nuts and Bolts for Building Success:
    Achieve Modern Marketing Success Through People, Processes, and Technology

    Take this deep dive into reaching modern marketing nirvana through organizational structure, workflow automation, CRM integration, social monitoring and response, and other important modern marketing tactics and technologies.

Content varies by event. Check your local agenda for session details.