Java Outreach Program 2013

Make the Future Java Resources

2012 Java Outreach Program

Leverage award-winning educational tools and tutorials that help students learn the Java programming language.


Recommended level: Young Beginner (8 - 11 years)

Alice, a visual 3D educational tool with drag-and-drop interface to create animations. Download and Alice screencasts.


Recommended level: Young intermediate (11 - 15 years)

Greenfoot, a visual 2D educational tool with a code editor to create games and simulations. Download and tutorials


Recommended level: Young Beginner (15 - 18 years)

BlueJ, a professional Java development tool with a simplified interface for beginners. Download and tutorials Java Tutorials, a practical guide with Java basics and learning paths as well as the latest updates of the Java programming language. Covering the basics tutorials


Recommended level: intermediate (17+ years)

Get Java development tools and beginner tutorials to help university students and professionals create enterprise applications JavaFX, an advanced Java user interface (UI) platform for business applications. Download and tutorials


Recommended level: intermediate (17+ years)

NetBeans, a full-featured Java development environment, which now includes support for JavaFX. Download, General Java Development and video tutorials

Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE)

Recommended level: intermediate (17+ years)

Java Standard Edition (SE), a platform to create secure, portable, high-performance applications for the widest range of computing platforms possible. Download and tutorials

Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE)

Recommended level: intermediate (17+ years)

Java Enterprise Edition (EE), the industry standard platform for enterprise Java computing with Web Profile for next-generation Web applications and Java EE 6 for enterprise applications. Download

Check out hands-on Tutorials and Resources

Students can jump start their first applications with these resources.

  • Java SE 7 Fundamentals Free Training Lessons - Get an overview of the Java SE 7 Platform and practice with free lessons from the Oracle University Training on Demand course. Also includes an overview of Oracle's new Java SE 7 certifications.
  • Java SE 7 and JavaFX 2.0 hands-on workshops - a comprehensive overview of both products, as well as step-by-step lab instructions and exercises to build real-world business applications.
  • Java EE 6 hands-on lab - a tutorial to build a typical three-tier Java EE 6 Web application that retrieves customer information from a database and displays it in a Web page.
  • Java EE patterns and best practices - a collection of samples and reusable templates demonstrating patterns, approaches and architectural ideas for Java EE 5 and 6.
  • Beginning Java EE 6 - project with code example and application used in the book Beginning Java EE 6 with GlassFish 3 from Apress (2nd Edition)
  • Java: A Beginner's Guide - an explanation of key Java programming language definitions and an overview of Java technologies.


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