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Oracle Utilities

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To achieve excellence, utilities need to rely on mission-critical solutions to improve reliability, service and safety.

Can You Deliver Performance Excellence?

Develop Strategic, Efficient Processes

The key to achieving operational excellence lies in adopting the technologies that enable utilities to deliver reliable, secure and scalable technologies and processes that deliver results for your customers.

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Utilities that have a data analytics skills gap

Data analytics skills gap
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Utilities using smart grid data to increase customer satisfaction

Smart Grid Data
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Utilities’ self-rating of A+ for getting information to the people who need it

Utilities A+ self-rating
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Utilities prepared for data influx

Utilities that are completely prepared for the data influx

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White Paper: A Seismic Shift

White Paper

New Structure for Utilities

Utilities are evolving and transforming systems and processes to meet future challenges.

E-Book: Transforming Complex Data into Business Value


Utilities Focus on Analytics

Data analysis provides a base for planning, process and strategic decision-making.

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Oracle helps utilities deliver vital services—and helps them meet their biggest challenges.

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