Oracle Active Data Guard

Eliminate Idle Redundancy in Your Data Center
Oracle Active Data Guard, with Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition, enhances quality of service by offloading resource-intensive activities from a production database to one or more synchronized standby databases. Oracle Active Data Guard enables read-only access to a physical standby database for queries, sorting, reporting, Web-based access, and so on, while continuously applying changes received from the production database. Oracle Active Data Guard also enables the use of fast incremental backups when offloading backups to a standby database and can provide additional benefits of high availability and disaster protection against planned or unplanned outages at the production site.


  • Increase performance—Offload unpredictable workloads to an up-to-date replica of the production database
  • Simplify operations—Eliminate management complexity that accompanies traditional replication solutions
  • Eliminate compromise—The reporting replica is up to date and online at all times, which is not possible with traditional storage mirroring technology
  • Reduce cost—An Oracle Active Data Guard physical standby database can also provide disaster recovery and/or serve as a test database—no additional storage or servers required
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