Oracle In-Memory Database Cache

Oracle TimesTen can be configured to accelerate existing Oracle Database applications. When you need the power and functionality of the Oracle Database, but need even faster response times, Oracle In-Memory Database Cache has the speed. Automatic data synchronization between the cache and the Oracle Database ensures data consistency. By bringing data into the application tier and processing queries in an in-memory database, your applications are able to access, capture, or update information with much shorter response times. The In-Memory Database Cache option of Oracle Database Enterprise Edition is based on Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database.


  • Extremely fast response time—Brings the data closer to the application. With no network latency or disk I/O, response time is dramatically faster. Transactions take just microseconds and complex analytic queries happen at the speed of thought.
  • Compatible with Oracle Database—Supports full SQL transaction semantics and includes OCI, Pro*C and PL/SQL for compatibility with the Oracle Database.
  • Automatic synchronization with Oracle Database—Automatically keeps data in sync with the main Oracle Database. Should the connection be lost, Oracle In-Memory Database Cache will keep serving the application and synchronize when the connection is restored.
  • Works with existing applications—Compatible with the Oracle Database. With minimal changes needed, existing applications can be ported and accelerated.
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