Oracle OLAP

Lower TCO by Performing Complex Analytics in Your Existing Database
Oracle OLAP—an option to Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition—is a calculation engine that supports the entire spectrum of advanced analytical applications including planning, budgeting, forecasting, sales, and marketing to help identify key business trends and model complex business scenarios. OLAP cube materialized views in Oracle Database 11g dramatically improves the performance of complex analytic queries accessing multi-dimensional data.


  • Reduced Data Movement and Latency—With Oracle OLAP, you no longer have to replicate data into a stand-alone, proprietary OLAP server because all of your multi-dimensional data is stored directly into the Oracle Database relational engine. Decision makers benefit from much faster access to higher quality information.
  • Lower IT Costs and Complexity—Oracle OLAP enables you to reduce costs and dramatically simplify your IT environment. With Oracle OLAP, you eliminate the need to purchase additional hardware and you only have to maintain a single server and security model. Oracle OLAP also supports SQL access to multi-dimensional data types, so you can leverage your existing investment SQL tools, applications, and skills.
  • Enterprise—Scale Analytics with Grid Computing—Simply providing decision makers with access to data is meaningless if the data is unavailable. Oracle OLAP and Oracle Real Applications Clusters together provide the foundation of Very Large Multi-dimensional Databases (VLDM) which can provide thousands of concurrent users with continuous access to information.
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