Oracle Partitioning

Partition for Improved Performance
A key requirement of high performance, high availability database environments, partitioning splits tables and indexes into smaller, more manageable components. Oracle Database 11g offers the widest choice of partitioning methods available, including interval, reference, list, and range. Additionally, it provides composite partitions of two methods, such as order date (range) and region (list) or region (list) and customer type (list). As an option to Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition, Oracle Partitioning is also the foundation of Oracle's Information Lifecycle Management strategy, which aligns the business value of information to cost-effective storage tiers for large data warehousing and transaction processing applications.


  • Faster Performance—Lowers query times from minutes to seconds
  • Increases Availability—24 by 7 access to critical information
  • Improves Manageability—Manage smaller 'chunks' of data
  • Enables Information Lifecycle Management—Cost-efficient use of storage
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