Oracle Real Application Testing

Reduce Testing Efforts by Up to 80 Percent
Agile businesses want to be able to quickly adopt new technologies, whether it's operating systems, servers, or software, to help them stay ahead of the competition. However, change often introduces a period of instability into mission-critical IT systems. Oracle Real Application Testing—with Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition—allows businesses to quickly adopt new technologies while eliminating the risks associated with change. Oracle Real Application Testing combines a workload capture and replay feature with an SQL performance analyzer to help you test changes against real-life workloads, and then helps you fine-tune the changes before putting them into production. Oracle Real Application Testing supports older versions of Oracle Database, so customers running Oracle Database 9i and Oracle Database 10g can use it to accelerate their database upgrades.


  • Uses real workloads—Replays real workloads, not synthetic or artificial loads
  • Comprehensive—100 percent coverage for entire change lifecycle
  • Scalable—Requires similar effort for small and large changes
  • Predictable—Transfers exact resolution of changes from testing to production
  • Cost-efficient—Reduces testing effort by up to 80 percent
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