Oracle Spatial and Oracle Locator

Leverage Location for Higher Return on Your Oracle Investment
Included with every Oracle Database edition, Oracle Locator provides the features and mapping needed to location-enable many business applications. Oracle Spatial—an option to Oracle Database 11g, Enterprise Edition—includes full 3-D and Web services support to manage all geospatial data including vector and raster data, topology, and network models. It's designed to meet the needs of advanced geographic information system (GIS) applications such as land management, utilities, and defense/homeland security. Oracle's open, native spatial format eliminates the cost of separate, proprietary systems, and is supported by all leading GIS vendors. Only Oracle delivers industry-leading security, performance, scalability, and manageability for mission-critical spatial information assets.

With the release of Oracle Database 11g, Oracle Spatial delivers even better performance, management, network applications, routing and geocoding. New capabilities include point geocoding, truck routing application support, and an infrastructure for 3D modeling and visualization. GeoRaster has a new Java API and is supported by the GDAL open source ETL tool. In addition, and the semantic technologies of Oracle Spatial provide stronger security, document indexing, change management for collaboration, increased standards support, and significantly faster performance.


  • Save administration and infrastructure costs—Consolidate your spatial data assets with Oracle Spatial
  • Streamline business processes, improve quality and service—Integrate location intelligence into your applications
  • Provide enterprise-wide spatial access—Enable all stakeholders to use spatial data without additional software
  • Manage spatial information with maximum security, scalability, and performance—Leverage your Oracle technology and skills investments
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