JavaOne Exhibitor Branding ToolKit

Maximize your marketing efforts and drive more traffic to your booth. The JavaOne Exhibitor Branding ToolKit is one-stop shopping for all your JavaOne marketing needs. The kit includes the JavaOne conference logo, event description, graphics, promotional Web banner ads, e-mail template, and e-mail signature.

JavaOne Event Description

Now in its 17th year, the JavaOne conference brings together members of the Java community from 100+ countries around the world to share their knowledge of and experience with all things Java. In hundreds of technical, demo, hands-on lab and birds-of-a-feather sessions, attendees will learn about current and future trends in Java technology─both the platform and the language. At JavaOne attendees come to learn, connect with others, expand their knowledge and their community. JavaOne 2012 takes place September 30-October 4 in San Francisco.

JavaOne Logo

Use the JavaOne conference logo as a tool to market your participation to prospects and customers. Please review the JavaOne Logo Usage Guidelines before using the logo.

JavaOne Partner E-Mail Signature

Use the JavaOne e-mail signature as a tool to market your participation to prospects and customers.

JavaOne Partner E-Mail Template

Use the email template for any JavaOne related communications you want to send to customers and prospects.

JavaOne Promotional Web Banner Ads

Post a JavaOne banner on your company's home page, linked to the JavaOne Website, to promote JavaOne to your customers and prospects. You qualify for one Full Conference Pass if the banner ad is posted for eight weeks. (Banner ads must be posted by Friday, August 3, 2012 to qualify for this promotion).


  • Select one of the three banner sizes and post it to your company's home page.
  • Have your Webmaster link the banner to the JavaOne 2012 registration page.
  • E-mail to confirm your banner posting.
  • After the banner ad has been on your home page for eight weeks, your Full Conference Pass priority code allotment will be increased to allow you to register for the free pass.


Web Banners


Additional Branding Opportunities

Take advantage of additional branding opportunities on the advertising and sponsorship pages.

Contact Information

Need Additional Information?

Contact the JavaOne Exhibits Team at or call +1.650.506.0001.