Ejecutivos de Oracle



Ejecutivos de Oracle

Read Oracle's executive biographies and find out more about Oracle's strategies and vision through interviews and articles in major global publications. Watch videos, presentations, and speeches and find out how these remarkable people are leading Oracle into the future.


Executive Chairman of the Board and Chief Technology Officer

Lawrence J. Ellison

Lawrence J. Ellison

Executive Chairman of the Board and Chief Technology Officer


Chief Executive Officers

Safra A. Catz

Safra A. Catz

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Hurd

Mark Hurd

Chief Executive Officer



Luiz Meisler

Vicepresidente Ejecutivo, Oracle Latinoamerica

Ana Laporta

Directora Sénior de Marketing, Oracle Latinoamérica

Carmela Borst

Directora Sénior de Comunicaciones Corporativas, Oracle Latinoamérica

Luis Arturo Díaz

Director Industria de Servicios Financieros, Oracle Latinoamérica

Carlos Sarmiento

Vicepresidente de Ventas Indirectas, Oracle Latinoamérica

Andrés Prieto

Vicepresidente sénior, Oracle Latinoamérica

Carlos Victoria

Vicepresidente de Retail, Oracle Latinoamérica

Eduardo López

Vicepresidente Sénior de Aplicaciones, Oracle Latinoamérica

Javier Cordero

Presidente y Director General, Oracle México

Fernando Vendramini

Vicepresidente de Ventas de Managed Cloud Services, Oracle Latinoamérica

Rubén Chacón

Vicepresidente Países Tier 3, Oracle Latinoamérica

Adriano Chemin

Executive Vice President, Microelectronics Group

Ramón Álvarez Abreu

Vicepresidente de Ventas, Oracle México

Hugo Freytes

Vicepresidente Sénior de Alianzas y Canales, Oracle Latinoamérica

Pilar García

Vicepresidente de Systems para Oracle Latinoamérica

Juan Carlos Gutiérrez

Vicepresidente de Consultoría, Oracle Latinoamérica

Roberto Jana

Director Sénior de Ventas HCM, Oracle Latinoamérica

Fernando Lemos

Vicepresidente de Tecnología, Oracle Latinoamérica

Enrique Valladares

Director Senior de ERP & SCM, Oracle Latinoamérica

Silvia Tenazinha

Gerente General, Oracle Argentina

Rodrigo Astorga

Gerente General, Oracle Chile

Carlos Arguindegui

Gerente General, Oracle Colombia y Ecuador

Luisa Márquez

Gerente General, Oracle Venezuela

Carlos Ruiz

Gerente General, Oracle Caribe

Maribel Dos Santos

Gerente General, Oracle Perú

Leandro Ramírez

Gerente General, Oracle Centroamérica

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