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Speakers are coming from around the globe to this year's MySQL Connect. They'll be your source for innovation insights, technology takeaways, and all the details on developers, development, and developing.

Paul Bakker
Edward Screven
Chief Corporate Architect, Oracle

Edward Screven is Chief Corporate Architect at Oracle. Reporting to CEO Larry Ellison, he drives technology and architecture decisions across all Oracle products to ensure that product directions are consistent with Oracle's overall strategy. At Oracle since 1986, Screven is responsible for Oracle's open source businesses including Linux, virtualization, and MySQL. Screven also leads company-wide strategic initiatives including industry standards and security.

Tomas Ulin
Tomas Ulin
Vice President, MySQL Engineering

Tomas Ulin has been working with the MySQL database team since 2003, and is vice president of the MySQL engineering team at Oracle. He is responsible for the development and maintenance of MySQL- related software products such as MySQL Server, MySQL Cluster, MySQL Connectors, MySQL Workbench, MySQL Enterprise Backup, and MySQL Enterprise Monitor. Prior to working with MySQL, Ulin worked in the telecom industry for the Swedish telecom operator Telia and telecom vendor Ericsson. He has an MS degree in computer science and applied physics from Case Western Reserve University and a PhD in computer science from the Royal Institute of Technology.