MySQL Connect Tracks

More Tracks and Sessions Than Ever

The tracks at MySQL Connect 2013 will cover the critical topics facing developers today on the most-popular open-source RDBMS, MySQL. Sessions will be led by many of the leading experts from around the world. What you need to know, what you want to know, what you have to know: you'll find it here.

Architecture and Application Development

How should you architect and develop your MySQL-based applications? What are the latest trends and best practices? Get answers to those questions and more by attending this track’s presentations.

Cloud and Big Data

MySQL is the leading database in the cloud and a key component of many big data platforms, with Hadoop vendors estimating that 80 percent of their deployments are integrated with MySQL. Join us to gain expertise in unlocking new big data insights with MySQL and running the world’s most popular open source database in the cloud.

Cloud Computing

Already the leading Web database, MySQL has become the leading cloud database, offered by the vast majority of cloud services providers. Organizations of all sizes are rapidly evolving toward relying on cloud computing, and sessions in the Cloud Computing track give you the expertise you need to develop, deploy, and manage MySQL-based applications in the cloud.

Database Administration and DevOps

Want to become a superstar MySQL DBA or DevOps engineer? This track’s content provides the tips you need to boost your productivity as well as best practices from some of the planet's premier MySQL professionals. MySQL 101 sessions will also be offered to beginners.

High Availability and Replication

Data is the currency of today’s Web, mobile, social, and enterprise applications. Ensuring data is always available is a top priority for most organizations, and using the right high availability and replication strategy can make a huge difference. This track’s sessions cover technology selection, architecture, and best practices for high availability and replication.

Performance and Scalability

Are you looking to confer the best performance and scalability to your MySQL-based applications? Explosive growth in data volumes and velocity are pushing the boundaries of database scalability. This track will teach you how to power the most demanding applications.