Oracle SOA Suite 12<em>c</em> is a complete, integrated, open, and best-of-breed application and service integration platform. The Oracle SOA Suite composite editor creates easily maintainable composite applications using drag-and-drop configuration of business rules, orchestration, routing, transformation, integration, and more in a single and intuitive environment. A key differentiator of Oracle SOA Suite is the deep introspection of the data schema within Oracle applications without having to exit the Oracle SOA Suite design environment.  In this screenshot, Oracle Applications is selected resulting in the display of available functions within the selected application, followed by the integration of the selected function into the composite editor on the right. Unified management, monitoring, and governance across all components of application and service integration. This flow trace from the SOA Management Pack of Enterprise Manager shows the successful completion of BPEL orchestration, the call of an external service, workflow, routing, and execution of a business rule.