Oracle's SPARC family of products create a solid foundation for mission-critical computing.
10 of the top 10 telcos, banks, and utilities run SPARC Solaris servers.
Leading brands choose SPARC and Oracle Solaris for their data center and cloud deployments.
Oracle Solaris 11 helps minimize disruptions and is built to take advantage of advances in hardware technology. Oracle simplifies your IT infrastructure by engineering its hardware and software to work together.
Oracle's SPARC T4 processor is the engine that powers the #1 position of these top enterprise applications. 
The SPARC 5-year server road map delivers proven performance and capacity improvements year after year.
Only Oracle delivers completely integrated solutions, from apps to disk.
iXtend chose Oracle's SPARC T4 and Oracle Solaris for its JD Edwards applications. Oracle's comprehensive service offerings help customers throughout the entire data center lifecyle.
Oracle is uniquely positioned to help you reduce the costs and risk associated with your changing business and IT requirements.