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Generation Y: the risks and opportunities

Have you considered the growing knowledge gap within organisations that threatens to derail successful delivery of your strategy and goals? How do you bridge the knowledge gap when retirement of experienced workforce occurs? And are you able to realise valuable new capabilities, such as instantaneous information sharing, from their replacements, the Generation Y workers?

The report from The EPPM Board explores how real-time technology can help bridge this gap, and reviews the associated opportunities and risks.

Generation Y: the risks and opportunities

It considers:

• Managing a workforce brought up with instant information

• How to encourage total staff acceptance of the technology-driven opportunities in today’s workplace

• Whether you can control or rely on shared information




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    Primavera Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Solutions (PDF, 264 KB)

    Plan and execute the right projects—easily and affordably. See how Oracle’s Primavera enterprise project portfolio management solutions enable project- driven organizations to intelligently manage their programs and projects—from small and simple to large and complex.

  • Business Solutions for the Aerospace and Defense Industry (PDF, 256 KB)

    Managing the complexities of multiple projects, contractors and new compliance requirements in the increasingly competitive landscape of the Aerospace and Defense Industry is tough challenge. Find out more about how Oracle Primavera Project Portfolio Management Solutions can help.

  • Business Solutions for the Industrial Manufacturing World (PDF, 272 KB)

    Discover how Primavera project portfolio management solutions help industrial manufacturing companies achieve their goals and delivery commitments while managing risk. These solutions help streamline, automate, and accelerate the manufacturing process.

  • Capital Program Management for Public and Private Owners (PDF, 268 KB)

    Ensure capital planning and execution success. Oracle's Primavera solutions for architecture, engineering, and construction enable owners to make real-time, informed decisions on the projects that affect their business.

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