Oracle - Enterprise Project Portfolio Management

Oracle Primavera

Collaboration, Compliance, Control

Choose and Prioritise The Right Programmes

Every organisation faces critical enterprise investment decisions. Management must constantly choose from an array of potential investment choices and supporting projects. If the decision-making process is flawed, the result can affect profitability or, at the very least, impact the case for funding.

Portfolio management guides decision makers to strategically prioritise, plan and control enterprise portfolios. Portfolio management also ensures that the organisation continues to increase productivity and on-time delivery—adding value, strengthening performance, and ultimately improving bottom-line results.

Portfolio management enables enterprises to:

  • Propose initiatives that align with the organisation’s strategy and mission
  • Prioritise and select investments with strong business-case justification that realistically incorporates funding and staffing
  • Track the state of activities and communicate the latest performance results of investments
  • Review portfolio performance in real time and compare current data to past or future data to identify investment gaps and potential problems
  • Adjust course as a result of portfolio reviews—increasing, decreasing, or withdrawing investment funding where appropriate

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