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Anticipate Change, Risk, and Opportunity

Consistent project success is key to strengthening customer satisfaction and increasing an organization’s revenue and profitability. The most successful organizations are those that can effectively anticipate change and mitigate risks by proactively preparing response and contingency plans.

Enterprise project portfolio management (EPPM) solutions enable organisations to capture risk factors early and across all projects to establish an enterprise risk management process and culture. Capturing change from the project level up through the portfolio level enables organizations to institute effective change control mechanisms to consistently relate projects back to original scopes, budgets and schedules.

EPPM solutions also enable organizations to forecast project and portfolio performance, helping them recognise risks and changes through early warning indicators, and allowing them to create and implement a process for developing response plans for creating opportunities from potential risks.

Take the Uncertainty Out of Your Project Management

What happens when key projects threaten to become delayed or derailed? If your company is not using a formal process for managing risk throughout your project portfolio, your business could be in peril. Watch the replay of our recent Webcast to find out how Oracle Primavera can help you analyze and mitigate project risk with tools for evaluating risk scenarios and developing response plans.


Saj Yaqub, Sales Consultant, Oracle Primavera


1 hour

Building in Change: Project Construction in Asset Intensive Industries

Join Oracle and the Economist Intelligence Unit for a webcast and learn best practices and how other project owners in the oil and gas industry are managing change. Along with revealing the results of the recent survey, Building in Change: Project Construction in Asset-Intensive Industries, you'll also hear how an enterprise project portfolio management solution can help your company.


Geoff Roberts, Industry Strategist, Oracle Primavera

Brian Gardner, Editor, The Economist Intelligence Unit 


1 hour

Primavera Contract Management, Business Intelligence Publisher Edition

Register now to learn more about the latest release of Primavera Contract Management in this 20-minute webcast. Hear how the solution can help companies gain more project control and complete projects on-time and within budget.

Find out how this solution can help your organization:

  • Enable timely payment and improve turnaround time on completed work items.
  • Facilitate project team collaboration so there are no surprises.
  • Streamline communications and document administration.

Krista Lambert, Senior Manager, Product Strategy, Oracle Primavera


23 min.

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