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With fierce competition and price compression, grocers are challenged to strike the right balance between operational efficiency and delivering a unique customer experience that lives up to brand promise and fosters customer loyalty.

They must also capitalize on opportunities for growth by expanding into international markets, creating innovative formats, and exploiting high-margin opportunities in private-label goods and pre-prepared offerings.

Oracle Retail applications are infused with leading retail science and analytics to facilitate granular decision-making at scale and the flexibility to support innovative growth strategies.

We enable grocers to optimize prices and categories, conduct market-basket analysis, effectively manage inventory levels, balance inventory productivity, and achieve customer service goals.




Video Case Studies

    Retail Showcase - Morrisons

    Retail Showcase: Morrisons

    Adam Coy and Stuart Rowlings showcase how Morrisons is leveraging Oracle Retail by applying their solutions across its end-to-end supply chain.

Our Customers

  • Morrisons is benefiting from Oracle Retail by applying systems that not only give us sophisticated solutions, but allow our users to think differently about how they manage the business.

    Adam Coy, Development Lead, Morrisons