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Specialty / Hardline

Store saturation in traditional markets and widespread consumer access to information through the Web has changed specialty and hardline retailing.

To be successful in this environment, these retailers must create unique and differentiated brand experiences for their shoppers across all channels and pursue new growth avenues through service offerings, international expansion, format innovation, and category diversification.

Oracle Retail applications are built on a flexible platform that enables specialty and hardline retailers to rapidly deploy innovative business processes spanning multiple organisational functions to deliver new and compelling brand experiences.

Take a look at our references in specialty and hardline retailing to see how companies worldwide optimise their operations.




Video Case Studies

    Retail Showcase: Masters

    Retail Showcase: Masters

    Masters' Business Technology Manager, Warwick Jones, shares how Oracle Retail provides both business solutions for running the backend of operations as well as the point of sales systems that they have today.


    Interview with Luxottica

    Luxottica's Luca del Din on elevating the customer experience.

    Retail Showcase - Deckers Outdoor (UGG Australia)

    Retail Showcase: Deckers Outdoor (UGG Australia)

    Deckers Outdoor's Vice President of IT, Yul Vanek, discusses how Deckers Outdoor has completely transformed its retail operations function by implementing the Oracle Retail suite.

Our Customers

  • We have completely transformed how our retail operations function by implementing the entire retail suite. It’s hugely transformative, in that it allows us to grow our brand footprint as it relates to retail.

    Yul Vanek, VP of IT, Deckers Outdoors (UGG Australia)