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Telecommunications Retail

In the highly competitive telecommunications retail market, mature mobile service providers with existing retail channels are creating strategies to run their brick-and-mortar stores more profitably by optimising stock availability and holding, and increasing sales and average transaction value.

At the same time, rapidly growing young mobile service providers are committed to store expansion strategies that focus on opening a large number of stores quickly and efficiently while keeping operational costs low.

To compete effectively, both types of retailers need to provide superior customer service, increase transaction value, improve stock management and visibility, and lower the cost of their store operations.

Oracle Retail delivers customer-centric and profitable phone store operations that help telecommunication retailers to deliver:

  • Superior Customer Experience
  • High Transaction Value
  • Optimised Store Inventory Management
  • Low Cost of Operations




Our Customers

  • We selected Oracle based on its rapid deployment model and proven capabilities to support organisations with long-term expansion strategies

    Osman Oueida, CEO, Digico