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Oracle Retail Planning and Optimisation

Oracle Retail provide the industry's most comprehensive suite of merchandise planning and optimisation solutions, supporting pre-season and in-season planning processes, as well as inventory execution.

The planning solution suite supports the creation of financial, item, assortment, category, space, replenishment and allocation plans. These solutions provide retail-specific, science-based decision support and profit optimisation by utilising sophisticated mathematical models and optimisation routines to create intelligent estimates of future business opportunities, giving retailers a common demand-planning engine across the enterprise execution system.

  • Utilise category management best-practice workflows to achieve the ideal product mix
  • Allocate products to individual stores and manage multiple types of allocation
  • Perform full lifecycle, item-level planning to produce a bottom-up plan in support of an overall financial plan
  • Optimise use of space, from a macro space level to a fixture and shelf level
  • Translate assortment plans into executable space plans
  • Optimise prices to drive sales and improve profits
  • Optimise markdowns to maximise revenue and profit



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